Do you want all domestic oil and gas drilling to cease?

Because that is exactly what Bachmann has proposed with her promise to kill US oil and gas jobs.
tonalc: Works just fine for me. You obviously "Can’t see" what you don’t want to see.
keith: As CIC, it was Boy George’s duty to separate the lies from the facts. He didn’t even attempt to do so.

7 Responses to “Do you want all domestic oil and gas drilling to cease?”

  1. Lil' Texas Turd Wrangler Says:

    Hell no!

    Nut bag Bachmann must be stopped!

  2. FourPoundHammie Says:

    Then don’t vote for her. Anyone who stops or regulates Corp including Obama shouldn’t be in office.

  3. Bear Says:

    Considering I’m a self employed contractor in the oil industry, no. But since I’m not voting for her, and she doesn’t have much of a chance I think, I’m not worried about it.

    Rick Perry 2012

  4. tonalc2 Says:

    Your link doesn’t work.

  5. Keith Says:

    I do not want drilling to cease. And Bush didn’t lie. He made his military decisions based on poor information provided to him by our military intelligence. The same military intelligence in use today.

    From your edit: How do you know he didn’t even try? Were you involved in the decision making process with him and his intelligence staff? If you think he made his decisions all willy-nilly, then you know nothing.

  6. puddles Says:

    The link doesn’t work all I got was Yahoo search. If Bush lied so did the Democratic Congress and all the European countries. They need to drill baby drill.

  7. Treason Rags for my Anus Says:


    I’m not a low-IQ contard