Does an owner of a lot have the right to kick a family out in 5 days?

I live in a trailer park and the trailer is mine, but the land is the owner’s property. I have been behind about two months in rent and he is giving me 5 days to find a house and get off his property. Is he allowed to do that in Florida?

4 Responses to “Does an owner of a lot have the right to kick a family out in 5 days?”

  1. Landlord Says:

    Yes, he has to give you the notice before he can file in court for non-payment. You leave in 5 days with nothing on your credit report. Or you leave in about 2 weeks, with the eviction on your report and the landlord about to garnish your wages.

    The 30 day notice is for normal people, not dead beats illegally pocketing the landlords money.

  2. Expert Realtor Says:

    No, not in Florida or any other state. He has to issue a 30-day notice of eviction and even then, if you don’t leave, he has to go to court to get you evicted.

    If he tries anything crazy, call the police department, they will let him know how he has to proceed.

    However, understand that if he evicts you and goes to court HE WILL win and if you don’t move the trailer off his property, the court will give it to him to dispose of like any other abandoned property.

  3. Ashlin Singh Says:

    find a place where you can set up again, if the owner is nasty.
    Remember,what goes around comes around.
    Check with family & freinds to see if they can help.
    God is so so good at knowing everything we do that not even the slightest bit of wrong gets missed.
    He shall help you if you pray & prey on those that don’t help
    Best of luck

  4. godged Says:

    He still has to go through the eviction process. The trailer is not going to be yours for long, the park owner can place liens against it to hinder the sale and take possession through an abandonment process.