Does anybody know if petroleum supply specialists are getting killed a lot in Iraq?

If anyone could provide a link to an article regarding this questions it will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. cogenerate Says:

    I was a generator mechanic for KBR for 3 years on 3 different bases in Iraq. By "petroleum supply specialist" you are either referring to a tanker truck driver or the guys who run the Retail Fuel points…

    Either way, here’s the reality:

    Truck Drivers:

    Yes, the truck drivers are getting hit. Most of the fatalities occur in convoys. The new shaped charge IED’s the insurgents are using cut through the armor on the semi trucks like butter. It doesn’t help that for the past 18 months the Army has been running convoys only at night. There’s a curfew in Iraq which means the only vehicles on the road at night are military vehicles… which makes convoys more susceptible to trip-wire style IED’s. Any KBR truck driver who’s been driving outside the wire longer than a year knows someone who’s been killed. Most of the drivers outside the wire have stories of being shot at or botched IED attempts against them. Since the beginning of the LOGCAP program in IRAQ, KBR has only lost 1 convoy in it’s entirety (to ambush), and that was back in 2004. The truck drivers earn their money, for sure.

    Retail Fuel:

    The guys who run the retail fuel points are entirely a different story. Honestly, they have about the easiest job over there. If you are working retail fuel, you will be supervising a crew of thrid country or host country nationals (Pakistanis, Hindi, Iraqis, Philipinos, Sri Lankans, etc). They will do the actual work (fueling the vehicles, spill containment, bag farm maintenance). You’ll have an office with a computer, a phone, and internet access located at the fuel point. You’ll supervise your crew, fill-out reports, and spend time hitting on the cute Army girls who pull into your fuel point. The odds of a retail fuel specialist seeing any type of action is about the same as your odds of hitting the lottery.

    You won’t find any articles with statistics… it’s not something they like to publish… it’s one of those things that serves no purpose. The Stars & Stripes keeps a running tally of military personel who have been killed over there, but not the civilian count.

    I can say this… I spent 3 years there and would be happy to go back.

  2. I , a Bolshevik Says:

    No, only Oil industry trade unionist are being killed, US puppets hate trade unionists.

  3. Manda King Says:

    To be honest with you, it doesn’t matter what your job is, you could be sent out to do a patrol, and wham bam thank you mam, there you go. I’m not even in a combat arms jobs, I sit at a desk all day normally, but I’ve had to throw on gear and hit the gate guard. Male, female, doesn’t matter. If they need someone to drive a truck across the desert on a convoy, and you’re certified, then you’re doing it. You are trained in combat 1st, then your military job comes second. A lot of people seem to forget that. Just being honest with you. And my husband’s 1st time to iraq, he was knocking down doors and doing all that "army" stuff, but his military job was an aircraft mechanic.

  4. C W Says:

    Just fyi, that MOS has one of the lowest (mental) requirements.


  5. VA-145 Swordsmen Says:

    If you are that worried about getting greased, just don’t join.

  6. MDB Says:

    Dont be a fueler its GAY. And yes you might have to go outside the wire, when units do extended ops they need fuel. Who’s gonna take it to them? You. No matter what in Iraq the whole army is Mechanised even light infantry has humvee’s. If your that scared dont join. If you do check out admin type jobs. look into 42A I think and enjoy P.O.G. life.

  7. blaster Says:

    i can tell you this, they are gettin killed a lot less than Ifantry and MP’s are, the fuel boys usually work on bases so their chance of getting blown up isnt as much but its always there. it could happen to anybody at any time