Does anyone know if there is a natural gas run car out there for sale on the market?

I recently visited El Paso and I rode on many natural gas buses. They seemed to be capable of a decent speed and were very quiet. I was wondering if this technology is currently available for cars and what the price ranges were for them along with efficiency and cost.

13 Responses to “Does anyone know if there is a natural gas run car out there for sale on the market?”

  1. gargarensi Says:

    I think they already released the Kyoto.

  2. i am sweet. Says:

    dont think so

  3. prasad g Says:

    ford has one

  4. aleysha Says:

    No even though the technology has been around for years for propane run automobiles. That burns clean and can make a car last years longer.
    Gas can be made out of sewerage waste and then put in a car and it runs. The oil industry owns the country and that won’t ever happen.

  5. missourim43 Says:

    Honda has the Civic and the fueling station.

  6. pb_pony Says:

    Supposedly the hold up is finding a way to safely distribute natural gas to the public. Apparently it is much more volatile than petroleum.

    I saw some expert on TV saying that we do not have enough natural gas (much less than the amount of petroleum we have) on our planet to convert every car. I don’t think it is going to be the future of automobiles.

  7. corezink Says:

    There are a few Propane cars for sale and you can convert from Propane to natural gas. LA has a few small natural gas vehicles. The problem is a filling point. You can’t just run a line from your gas in the house. It has to be put in under pressure.

  8. Jack Says:


  9. Greed_2.0 Says:

    3 – 5 grand for a dual carb.. Hard to find…

    Fuel cell cars are a bleeping high price still.

  10. Ironball Says:

    You can buy the car of your choise and have it converted.

  11. randyrich Says:

    It’s called LPG. The trouble in having one, is finding a place to fuel up one. Also, they typically get 25% less fuel economy than the gasoline version.

  12. fire4511 Says:

    They are out there today. Mostly they are used in fleets, due to the lack of fueling facilities. Many of the gas companies vehicles, government fleets and some taxi fleets run on CNG. (compressed natural gas)I saw 10 of them at different used vehicle auctions last month, so they are out there.

    You can also retrofit an existing vehicle to run on CNG.

  13. Gianna Hinebaugh Says:

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