Does anyone know the average natural gas price in north carolina?

Moving into a bigger house, but we will heat, cook, hot water heater by natural gas. I was just curious what the price is per gallon or however they measure it.

2 Responses to “Does anyone know the average natural gas price in north carolina?”

  1. james b Says:

    Make a phone call and ask your local gas supplier because they like this question and have accurate answers for you. Tell them what your house looks like (they will know what to ask of you) and they will be able to estimate your annual gas cost as they have millions of House/Years history to estimate accurately from. It is like knowing that automobile gasoline is $2.98 a gallon but not know if you are driving a caddilac or a VW Bug. You will not know much with only a quantity cost. You need to have them estimate how many BTU (British Thermal Units) of energy you will use and from that they estimate cost for water, furnace, cooking, etc. Good luck!

  2. Jim P Says:

    It's around $18.00