Does anyone use petroleum jelly to lube their bicycle chain?

I’ve been using white lightning but I tried petroleum jelly and my bike seems a lot faster.

8 Responses to “Does anyone use petroleum jelly to lube their bicycle chain?”

  1. bikernoj Says:

    No, it does not get where it needs to be (INSIDE the rollers, not on the outside of the chain), and all it will do is attract dirt and grit to wear out your chain and cogs.

    I prefer White Lightning or Finish Line Krytech for my MTB, and I’m happy with this new ceramic road lube from Finish Line on my road bike.

    Petroleum jelly is right up there with WD-40 in the "Not a Lubricant" category.

  2. Erica B Says:

    Yes! it works great and is the purest form of all of the chain products. :]

  3. mt75689 Says:

    Chain lube seems to be a touchy subject among cyclists ~ everyone has their favorite, and they frown on all the rest. I use White Lightning Clean Ride, on my singlespeed mountain bike, and it seems to work just fine to me, but a lot of my friends tell me it’s worthless. I can’t remember what they use…

    I’ve never heard of using petroleum jelly ~ I may have to try it some time…

    The only downfall I can see with it is that it could attract a lot of dust and dirt.

    I doubt that your bike is faster, if anything it may be quieter.

  4. lil.monsterman Says:

    I just use regular chain lube, although i dont see any problem useing that stuff if it works so. O ya i hate how it atracts dust an dirt an gets my chain all dirty that sux bigtime. But hey its good for the sprocket an casset an chain so thats what really matters.

  5. Bob A Says:

    You don’t want to use petroleum jelly. You want a lubricant that is thin enough to get into the rollers of the chain were the wear occurs. Petroleum jelly will attract dirt and dust and cause more wear. Stay far away from WD-40 and 3 in 1 oil. Motor oils are too thick to do any good and are designed to hold dirt. Get a good quality oil at the bike shop and never oil a dirty chain.

  6. sno f Says:

    petroleum jelly will work but is sticky and collects dust & dirt faster. unless your cleaning your chain all the time i’d go with a teflon chain lube like "finish line".

  7. smitty Says:

    Maybe if you heat the vaseline to the point of liquification and then soak the chain. Chains are not closed systems like engines or transmissions as they always have dirt being introduced to the moving parts. No matter the type of lubrication, the surface must be continually cleaned and lubricated. The frequency of cleaning and lubrication must be determined by the amount of dirt you expose your chain to. You have to find what is best for you. This is a source of real amusement to me as I never tire of seeing the endless solutions to this problem.
    One more thing: You may wish to Google “self oiling bicycle chain” and see what you find. One thing that I found particularly interesting was the totally enclosed mechanically self oiled chain drive. It was patented about 80 years ago I think. You will see that because no or very little dirt can get to the inner parts, it could theoretically last forever,and use any lubricant you just about please! But it would weigh a ton and wouldnt look very trendy or sporty.
    Ok one more thing: A list of lubricants I have used and found to cause SLIGHTLY more rapid wear: Chain saw bar guide oil,transmission oil,3 in 1 Oil, and (so sorry Bike Guru) WD-40. Also switching lubricants part of the way through your chain’s life doesnt do anything except cost you money.
    Ok one more thing: Remember what ever will stick to your chain will allow dirt to stick to it.
    Hope this helps.

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