Does Israel follow Eminent Domain procedures?

With all rhetoric aside, does the Israeli Government or private individual first begin litigation procedures in an established court of law for a ruling whether they have the right to take a certain portion of land in Palestine, and, if the court determines that the government/private individual has the right to take that given portion of land, are the current owners fairly compensated pursuant to such taking?

6 Responses to “Does Israel follow Eminent Domain procedures?”

  1. the sun was high Says:

    No, Israel is a rogue state.

    Watch this video by an Israeli Human Rights Group Btselem:

    "How to build a settlement when the law says no"

    Israel doesn’t recognise its own borders because it’s an expansionist state. It is continually demolishing Palestinian homes and building illegal settlements.

  2. The REAL 0bama-Girl Says:

    Since when is Israel subject to obeying our laws?

  3. Love.Canada Says:

    LoL "an established court of law"

  4. Artic Says:

    Judea and Samaria are lands conqueered after a war won by Israel.

  5. J Q Public Says:

    No. The fact of the matter is the land ownership is disputed and by many accounts under occupation. As such the land can not be annexed, bought or sold.
    The settlers are squatters.

  6. Cher was here JPA Says:

    You’ve been sucked in by too much false anti Israeli rhetoric. Palestinian land isn’t "taken" though courts or not in almost any circumstances.

    What is true:
    – Israeli settlements are built on land purchased with money for deeds.

    – Palestinians who sell land to Jews are considered by Palestinian law subject to death penality. But some still sell the land.

    – Israel building of the security fence infringed on access to farm land of some Palestinians & such situations were brought to Israeli court by those Palestinians (often with aid of Israeli organizations) & were settled there. In many cases the courts ordered the military to move the fencing to aid the Palestinians even when they noted that it reduced Israeli citizen security.

    – The so-called "taking" are Palestinians building without permits illegally in areas already marked as security zones. They aren’t building on land they own. And they are building where they damn well know it’s a problem. Often it’s Hamas or other terroristist groups building close to the borders so they can dig tunnels into Israel, or have easy harassment access.

    – In other cases, like the recent East Jerusalem situation, Palestinians built on public land without permits and build structures that didn’t meet building codes. They were paid & relocated anyway, since the land they moved onto illegally was already allocated otherwise.

    – In any case of bulldozing which is of bombs factories masquerading as houses, & covers to military tunnels, it goes through the military system upward for approval, & to the courts for final approval. Therefore if you even hear of a bulldozing "in revenge on the spot of a family", you’ve got someone who didn’t know what was going on. If any such thing did happen, there are Jewish organizations that would jump on defending the people’s rights in Israeli court.

    It’s pretty amazing that the Palestinians have a government (abet currently two governments that kill each other’s members), both of which publish school text books & public programs that call for the wiping out of Israel… yet instead of demanding Palestinians go to their own government to have it represent them to Israel… they can go straight to Israel’s (very liberal) court system.

    Here’s a general good site for detailed articles & a daily alert of news articles from around the world: