Does Obama have an answere for the Gas issue facing Americans?

I havn’t heard anything from him other than searching for alternatives, which doesn’t do squat for us now.
Do you know that china is drilling off the shores of the United states and taking oil that resides under -neath U.S waters? Below is a link you can use to send to your state rep’s demanding them to take action, and to lower the prices of oil and natural gas for us.

21 Responses to “Does Obama have an answere for the Gas issue facing Americans?”

  1. Penguino Says:

    "Yes we can!" and "change"…get the minions chanting, solves all kinds of problems. Obama is not qualified to be Dog Catcher, how do you think he could solve any real world problems?
    (sorry, did not mean to offend any Dog-Catchers out there)

    Last century, there was a leader who promised higher rents to the landlords and lower rents to the tenants….His minions chanted too…."Sieg Heil" it was

  2. → ÜPolitic GirrlÜ™←McCain`08! Says:

    Not at all.

    Pretty sad huh?

  3. Lame Reality Says:

    Well I did try to take some Beano, sorry if it was so readily apparent.

  4. iviolated3 Says:

    he wants to raise the price

    If you can’t afford it …he says "Walk"

  5. pablo_asawa Says:

    not really Obama just is in the DARK like anyone else..he has not the foggiest idea..he probably will tell you to take "ROLAIDS" for gas problems..maybe Pepto BismO

  6. Don't taze me bro! Says:

    No, he has no answers, he only answers to special interests in the corn belt in Illinois. He is the pocket of ethanol groups from the farm belt.

  7. jamie s Says:

    Obama wants to rid the addiction by spending more on alternatives for oil and increasing fuel standards on vehicles sold in the U.S.

    Definately not a short term fix, but neither candidate seems to have one.. I think that most liberals are basing the decision while looking at the current technology, hoping that sooner rather than later.. Gas will be relatively un-needed in the near future.. Making oil fields a waste of money, space and for environmental issues..

  8. Clueless Dork Says:

    He believes higher gas prices will lower demand and force people to use alternative energies.

  9. Jake L Says:

    Yes, his answer is Raise the price of Gas by punishing the "big oil" companies which control a total of 5% of world’s oil supply and has a 4% profit margin.

  10. Flyflinger Says:

    Yes, "Change" the same answer he has for everything including his mind.

  11. vickiejlarue Says:

    no no no

  12. Mandy Says:

    AHHHhmmmm huhhhhhh noooooooo.

  13. Sandy Says:

    Obama wants to double the price of gas.

  14. mrjonessr41 Says:

    No one has an answer that will help right now, but of course Obama will be held to a MUCH higher standard.

  15. LAWANDA H Says:

    Obama wants change, I hope he is asking for $4 and some change a sister is running on "E" LOLOLOL!

  16. JRome3 Says:

    a better question…does Obama have an answer for ANYTHING? He’s just a smooth talker with no substance whatsoever, no qualifications, nothing. At least Slick Willy was Gov.. Even though it was an inbred state, it’s still SOMETHING. Obama has nothing but talk.
    "Talk is cheap, my friends"…that should be McCain’s campaign slogan against Obama.

  17. stephanickety Says:

    Wow, JRome, never thought I’d see someone say the exact thoughts I have on Obama. Thank goodness there are other people that can see through him.

  18. richard t Says:

    Hydrogen fuel cells and nuclear power.The US should have a program like the Manhatter Project for energy………
    Ending the war will bring the oil price down 40%…He plans on stopping the Iraq invasion……..

  19. yutsnark Says:

    The tone of your question suggests that cheap petroleum is an inalienable right, protected by the constitution. Don’t market forces determine the price of a commodity? I just got back from a movie theatre that charges 4 bucks for a small bag of popcorn. What’s Obama’s plan for that?

    I probably know even less about economics than McCain does. But as I understand it, efforts to artificially reduce prices cause more problems than they solve. If we impose price controls, we create shortages, and then we need to go back to rationing. You remember how popular rationing was. Besides, lowering gas prices would reduce the incentive for improving gas mileage and finding alternative energy sources, which we’ll need before long in any case.

  20. SCOTT M Says:

    There doesn’t appear to be ashort-term "fix" beyond reducing our consumption of fuel. And the way he wants to do that is by increasing the price. Increasing fuel costs, and diesel is more expensive than gasoline, will cause further increases in food prices, which are already hurting some people.

    Obama is a creative guy. I hear that he’s coming out with a new campaign chant:

    Save Fuel, Lose Weight;
    Vote for Obama 2008!
    Obama and You, You Both Got Gas;
    So Hold Your Nose, for It Shall Pass!

    Or something like that.

  21. erin m Says:

    tax the oil companies more so therefore costing us more. what a solution isnt it?