Does Obama want to nationalize oil, tax gas, make the US dependent on foreign oil and weaker?

BP wanted a big deal with Libya, and Libya wanted their nonsick Lockerbie terrorist in exchange for a HUGE contract, so Obama helped them like BP helped him, massively, during his campaign. Many Americans were killed in the Lockerbie attack, and Obama said zero. Obama also gave Qadafi .5 million recently and he’s linked to Qadafi through Wright/Farrakhan who met with him in Tripoli pertaining to Islamic USAfrica and Qadafi called Obama muslim brother…plus Qadafi is linked to Odinga for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya (illegally).
Obama wanted fuel for his cap and tax, and to mock drill baby drill, and to dish out a hefty helping of punishment to southern tea party gumps, and to get China to buy more debt in exchange for it taking over the gulf seafood industry. China is already gearing up to meet the need. Obama also wants to raise taxes on gas and eventually nationalize the oil industry (into ruin, as Chavez did).
And BP, being one of Obama’s biggest donors, would not be harmed financially because American taxpayers would pay the insurance to cover the rig loss plus it sells the chemical used for clean up (never mind that hay works better and is practically free and nontoxic and adsorbs oil at a 1:200 ratio). Halliburton, which built and can we say—blew– the rig (every safety valve had to have been turned off simultaneously) would be rewarded with a 0million no bid contract directly from the Obama regime, and nobody would be the wiser since Obama sent in SWAT teams to prevent any other investigators.
This all keeps the US dependent on foreign oil and weaker, and ultimately Obama will seek to nationalize the oil industry.
The oil is going to swoop around to the East Coast and even go up the mouth of the Potomac.
Obama really stuck it to the tea party gulf gumps, must find it really amusing.
Obama received a total of ,051 from BP During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of ,051 from BP and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.
While running for the Senate and during his presidential campaign, Obama collected more than ,000 from BP’s political-action committee as well as from the company’s employees,
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China Seafood industry eyes gulf tragedy as boon:

8 Responses to “Does Obama want to nationalize oil, tax gas, make the US dependent on foreign oil and weaker?”

  1. ajb Says:

    I think you’ll find it was the right wing governments of Bush I and Thatcher that are at the heart of the Lockerbie miscarrage of justice, so perhaps not bring Obama into this one.

    They guided the investigation away from the real culprits (Iranian funded terrorists) because they needed Iran’s support in the Gulf War. Iran and Islamic terrorists wanted vengance for the US Navy’s actions when it shot down an Iran Air airliner killing many Iranian civilllians (the US warship had illegally entered Iranian waters and placed itself in danger and took the horrendously wrong decision to shot down what it suspected to be a fighter jet).Libya was one of only a few nations that backed Iraq’s right to Kuwaiti land, and therefore the US decided it was best to blame Libya, rather than Iran for the Lockerbie bombing.

  2. Ehudy Satan Says:

    I don’t think so.

  3. Lincoln6 Says:

    It sounds like you’ve been watching Fox News.

  4. Tom S Says:

    What is the solution for oil?

    Drill more. We see with BP what ecological damage can happen. And, just like Exxon, will BP, somehow avoid paying for the damage they caused?

    Buy from the Arabs? Do we become more and more dependant on those that hate us?

    Force people to drive smaller cars? Just like they do in Europe, Asia, or the rest of the world? Big taxes on large vehicles, high gas prices etc

    Build up a proper transit system. American cities have horrendous transit systems, few sidewalks, fewer bike paths, no trains (or incredibly expensive ones)

    Or maybe we learn to turn off our lights, disconnect our appliances, get a composting toilet, throw out no garbage, walk or ride a bike, use solar energ if possible, and cut our dependance on energy utilities, waste water treatment plants, and other consumers of oil. We learn to live completely green.

    What is the solution to this situation?

  5. MartinK Says:

    No, but paranoid delusions seem to be on the upswing.

  6. Michael N Says:

    Your rant is full of factual errors.

  7. Ratz Says:

    "Nationalizing oil" would be the opposite of making us dependent on foreign oil, dur. But no, he’s expressed zero interest in any of this.

  8. purechristianityblog Says: