Does petroleum jelly make your hair grow?

I’ve been medicating my scalp with it for about 3 nights now after I got my relaxer and wrapping it up at night. I’ve noticed it’s gotten more healthy looking, and softer. This girl in my class even came up to me feeling my hair saying "It’s so soft!". So will the petroleum jelly make my hair more thick or even longer? Should I continue the scalp medicating or should I find something better for it? If so, any suggestions? Thank you so much.

4 Responses to “Does petroleum jelly make your hair grow?”

  1. Nel P Says:

    petroleum jelly only coats the hair. it acts as a barrier. it appears to moisturize but it blocks out moisture actually and later on when you actually wash it out your hair will appear more dryer than usual. thats actually the worst thing to moisturize your hair with because it is too thick. the best thing to moisturize with is coconut oil. it is good enough to moisturize the hair and light enough to let your pores breath so your hair will grow at its natural state rather than using petroleum. petroleum cloggs the pores thus slowing down hair growth and coconut oil has been praised for centuries for its great qualities for the skin and hair. and make sure you apply it at the ends of your hair, very important. the ends of your hair is the oldest part of your hair and if that is dry thats when split ends start and you have to trim more frequently.

  2. Daizy Says:

    I don’t think petroleum jelly will help your grow, even if it might make it feel softer. The petroleum jelly can clog your scalp, causing hair build up dirt and take longer to grow. That’s why petroleum jelly shouldn’t be used as lotion either, because it clogs pores!

    I’d recommend something like olive oil products, anything natural/organic. Some good product lines are Carols Daughter, or just check your local beauty supply store.

    Good luck girl! :)

  3. Tatiana Says:

    NO! That sh*t is garbage! It clogs pores and makes hair greasy. It’s in most hair products but it’s trash. It seals moisture out so you end up with dry hair that appears to be moisturized. No, it won’t make your hair thick and longer it will do the opposite. Try castor oil instead and for black hair care tips and advice check out,,, and

  4. Tyler Says:

    Hmm there are so many varying reviews on using Vasoline petroleum jelly for hair. Some say no way it clogs pores, but then others say it removes impurities and opens up the pores. Does anyone have any scientific evidence on which one it really is?