Does the Government determine natural gas prices?

If you can, please list the resource you got your answer from, that would be great! And also if you can, could you go more specific as in How/if the government of Oregon affect NW Natural Gas and/or other companies in the state/area. Please be as detailed as you can! Thank You!

2 Responses to “Does the Government determine natural gas prices?”

  1. austindavec Says:

    The price of both gas and oil are set by daily trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and other global commodity markets. This is the same market that sets the price by open bidding for contacts of everything from oil to orange juice to copper and other raw commodities. One thing our State government regulates is the amount of oil and gas each producer is allowed to produce and sell. In our days of shortage like we’re in now, the State has the hose "wide open" allowing at least small producers to pump as much as they want to.

  2. Cmak Says:

    weird thing about that is i went to a gas station today
    (in st. louis missouri) and i overheard the manager saying "oh and bring the gas cost down" to an employee
    and she said "how far"
    manager: "just a little bit" then she left

    hahah so you decide