does the rejection for our land lease need to be in writing?

My husband and I bought a mobile home set up in a park from a private owner, we paid cash and got a notarized bill of sale from our town office.(as required in our state) We were aware that the park owner would need to accept us as tenants before we could move in and were prepared to move the home if he didn’t but since we have no criminal history and have good references and good rental history we didn’t expect he would reject our application to stay in the park. Long story short, he rejected us over the phone because we have too many kids. After getting in contact with code enforcement again and with the Maine Human Rights Commission we found that we can’t be rejected based on having too many kids. If we submit a claim on their website MHRC will contact the park owner and investigate and possibly sue for discrimination if they find that he rejected us due to the number of children we have. Will his rejection over the phone be valid? What if he changes the reason for his rejection once the investigation begins? If we need to get his reason in writing how should we go about doing it without alerting him to the fact the we are reporting him for discrimination?

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  1. realtor.sailor Says:

    If he won’t put the ejection in writing then send him a letter says (to the effect) "I understand that you have rejected our request to rent a mobile home lot (give address and legal description) due to our number of children. Please call me upon receipt of this letter if I mis-understood your reason." Now if he changes his reason for rejection you will have some proof of what he said. It’s not as good as a letter from him, but it should be helpful.