does this sound like too much plot summary?

does this sound like too much plot summary?
The authors of Their Eyes were watching God showed the meaning of true love in a different perspective. Janie married two men for all the wrong reasons. It was a constant battle of right and wrong. Janie’s nanny (grandmother) wanted the best for her in the wrong way. The first husband she was with nanny insisted she stay with; Logan Killicks was a wealthy land owner. Janie’s nanny thought she would benefit from the marriage to have a wealthy life. Nanny felt love was not necessary to have a good life, love would just come later. Janie continued to battle her dual failed marriages, she searched her soul for over twenty years wondering how her life could be so incomplete. When out of nowhere at the turn of her life when she least expected, a stranger came into her life. with all of her friends and neighbors telling her he was bad news even with her nanny’s words still stuck in her head she moved on cautiously. after time she realized he love
i was going to ask since there is alot of plot summary if there is a way that you can make it so there isnt alot… thank you

3 Responses to “does this sound like too much plot summary?”

  1. fatpastey Says:

    Yes I beileve that is too much plot summary. Try to focus on your points and not about what happens in the book or story.

  2. tj j Says:

    i definitely believe so. focus more on analyzing the plot, and less on summarizing.

  3. Ari Says:

    Yes, this does sound like a plot summary, because you have given away the end, and that is NOT good if you don’t want it to be a summary. You want to tease the reader into wanting to read the book, not tell them how the ending goes. Also, check your grammar, part of this is stilted and, when read aloud, will sound clumsy.