Dog owner falls in love with stray cat and wants to keep her…?

Where can I find the best information on introducing my dog to a cat and reading their behavior properly?
I couldn’t help but fall in love with this stray cat who seems to like us as well. She’s been here for about a month and I am attached! I have named her Puddin.
Here’s the deal… My dog (her name is Saiba) is DOG AGGRESSIVE. She will fight any other dog who gets close enough. But she’s not showing signs of aggression towards this cat. If I am reading them both right, then this might work out and I would love to keep this cat.
When my dog approaches the cat, it’s with perked ears and a tail that wags so fast her bossy wiggles. She gets all jumpy and "hoppy". It looks to me like she is trying to get the cat to play.
When my dog gets close to cat, the cat has finally stopped arching her back. SOMETIMES she still hisses at Saiba but mostly sniffs her real quick, flicks her tail a few times and walks away.
My dog is 50% pit bull and I have broken up a fight between her and another dog (landed me in the hospital) so I KNOW the strength of a pit bull’s jaw! I am terrified that it will take just ONE bite and Saiba will kill the cat.
Are there certain signs I should look for between both of them? If Saiba is dog aggressive, does that mean she will want to go after ANY animal?
PS ~ I did do A LOT of research about how to find a home for the cat. I never intended to take her to a shelter because I realize that there is already an over abundance of cats there and they often times get put down.
It was while I was doing all this research that I became attached to Puddin. LOL
And another PS ~ LOL
I do NOT let BOTH animals roam the house ALONE. I lock Puddin up in the bedroom until I get home.

3 Responses to “Dog owner falls in love with stray cat and wants to keep her…?”

  1. j c Says:

    Its possible this may work out but be cautious. Keep in mind a dog & cat sometimes get along fine as long as the cat stands its ground, but if the cat RUNS it may trigger a "prey" response in the dog & then the dog gives chase. You should be very careful as your dog has shown aggressiveness & is part pit bull (especially so if you don’t know the dogs early histor or if you know it was trained to fight). I’d suggest calling veterinarians & rescue groups to ask if there are specifc tests to check a dog’s aggressiveness to cats. I think you’re wise to separate them when you aren’t home & personally, I’d probably never leave them alone together – if I left home, I’d put them in separate rooms or crate the dog. I have worked with cat rescue groups & found when combining animals that it helps to separate them for several days before introducing them to allow the original pet to adjust to the smell of a new pet & to having in the home. Let each sleep on something like tow t-shirts to get their smells on it & then trade that bedding, or put a dot of perfume on each so they smell alike. Try not to displace the dog – for example, don’t keep the cat in your bedroom if the dog is used to sleeping there. Also don’t give too much attention to the new pet. The main thing is you don’t want to promote jealousy. I also give a treat or a loving pat or stroke just before bringing them together, so each associates good things with the other animal. Split them apart at any sign of aggression. Good Luck, I hope it all works out well. Thanks for helping this stray kitty – & please, get it vaccinated & altered. Thanks again.

  2. rocket101 Says:

    To me it sounds like Saiba like likes your cat but your cat isn’t too fond of Saiba. Watch the way they react If they are not communicating very well with each other separate them. If it starts getting you to realize that having them both with you in the same house is a bad idea, put signs up for "Found Cat". Do not take her to an animal shelter. Most animal shelters have a certain amount of days before they put the animal down. Hope this helps!

  3. cuddles Says:

    unfortunately if your dog has aggressive tendancies and has even gotten into physical altercations with another dog then it isnt safe to allow your dog and the cat to be left alone together..this doesnt mean that you cant home the stray cat, you just to make provisions to make sure of the cats safety, example set up another room for the cat that the dog does not have access to…
    good luck and watch the two when they come into contact with one another and please take precautions and keep yourself safe also..