Don’t you find it amazing that Obama is in favor of high gas prices and against drilling for oil?

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  1. m1a1mikegolf Says:

    Obama thinks that the words ‘change’ and ‘hope’ can somehow produce energy.

    Notice how for almost 40 years the alternative energy people have been telling us that it is ‘almost ready’ – but never seem to be able to move from ‘almost ready’ to ‘ready?’

    Obama is doing nothing more than following the energy policies of his two Democrat predecessors. In other words: doing nothing.

  2. bleuwra Says:

    I find it amazing that you think so.

  3. Falstaff Says:

    Not really. No I don’t.

    OBAMA 2008

  4. alitaceres Says:

    You say these things, but I want to see the research and quotes that prove it.

  5. clinician Says:

    No. Socially liberal and environmentally-conscious politicians benefit from an energy crisis.

    Strangely enough, conservative businessmen are also benefiting.

  6. McCain for President Says:

    They want to force us to give up oil when we don’t yet have enough viable alternatives. They don’t care about high gas prices. They want us to ride bikes and walk and live in grass huts on communes. (Bathing optional.)

  7. Nya Says:

    I find it amazing that anyone believes that McCain’s newfounded concern for offshore drilling is sincere, and furthermore that Bush’s "endorsement" of said proposal is not just a tactic to help McCain’s campaign. Since when have either of them cared about oil prices (until now) to do anything? And who says that McCain will actually follow through if elected?

  8. on_a_mission_to_please Says:

    You’re a liar! Since republicans have been in office gas gone from 1.00 a gallon to 4.00. Obama is for LOWERING GAS prices!

  9. Artsy Says:

    Obama is NOT in favor of high gas prices – I think you’ve been influenced by Fox news too much. What he’s not in favor of is a gas tax holiday. Maybe you should get out and hear all the candidates speak before just repeating what you heard some republican say in the media.

    Drilling for oil is not a solution – it’s a quick fix that will help us for a little bit but hurt the environment forever. We need to stop talking about alternative energy and start producing alternative energy!!!

  10. dogsrspcl Says:

    It is illogical, therefore it’s a liberal view.

  11. Bob Says:

    Obama is smart. He knows that we can’t drill our way out of this (the oil we would get would make some oil companies wealthy, it would have little impact on the price).

    The real answer is alternative energy sources. He focuses on the real solution, not the unimportant stuff.

  12. thor_torkinson Says:

    Not at all. It’s long been part of the liberal platform to control our behavior with high prices. Cigarettes at $4+ a pack and outrageous alcohol taxes are just a couple of examples of how they try to bend you to their will by jacking up prices.

  13. Gruesome Fate Says:

    yes I do, he is an elitist, and very narrow minded.
    he said recently that he did care if gas got to 7.00 a gallon
    then everyone would use public transportation.

    there is no public transportation where I live

  14. R.M.G! Says:

    The old saying,"If it’s GOOD for America, it’s BAD for Democrats. If Democrats are FOR it, it’s Bad for America."
    It’s never been true-er, or clear-er!!!

  15. PacificNorthwestYahooBuddy Says:

    1 – Obama is not in favor of high gas prices! That is a total made up falsehood.

    2 – Obama is not against drilling for oil! He is only against drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas (like directly off America’s beautiful coast lines, and in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve. The oil companies already have over 6000 approved government leases on oil-rich areas that they haven’t even started drilling. It will take approximately 10 years from started to explore a new area until actually getting any oil. That doesn’t translate automatically into lower gas prices even in 10 years, certainly not any time soon.


    Don;’t you think its odd that Bush and Cheney are both Oil men, and that since they took office we have invaded an oil rich country, and the price of oil has risen 400%?

  17. And The Hero Will Drown Says:

    No let’s drill!!

    Let’s destroy land and endanger animals and lower tourist attractions and damage the ozone and pollute the environment.

    And the best part is, we won’t even see the effects of drilling until about eight years from now!

    Woohooo!!! Let’s Drill!!!

  18. uncle evil Says:

    the higher the price the more of the tax which is a% can be funneled to the "honerable reverand" wright

  19. osalka Says:

    Oil companies already have 68 million acres off the coast from which to drill. It’s only a temporary solution, what we need is new technologies.

  20. vtsztpu Says:

    Those are sacred standard democrat positions so it does not amaze me at all. It would, in fact, astonish me if he took the opposite position.

  21. GuessT W Says:

    I just watched CNN’s international Channel(3pm EST), breaking the news that oil price spikes again. But the anchor and the reporter assert it is China’s diesel demand contributed to the hike.

    Waited a sec ! It is already THIRD time I am hearing CNN’s assertion of China’s diesel demand. The first time was about two weeks ago. What’s going on?

    Then, Israel’s-Iran-attack-drill news flashing back——-Which Was Just Happened This Morning ! That “unmistakable signal” is surely an act to have a consequence of oil supply disruption ! Why is it not reported as a oil spiking cause ? !

    Time to scapegoat China again before a major offensive ? To verify, I went to CNN web site , there it is :

    China hikes fuel prices

    China to raise energy prices

    But nowhere saying that Israel’s-Iran-attack-drill will unstablize the oil supply region, causing the oil price up.

    For Israelis Iran Strike Drill see