don,t you think that Africans need to demand compensations?

1. following a recent apology by Tony blair on british participation for African slave trade, i think that an apology is not enough,, there should be compensations from all countries who are to be blamed on slavery.
2. such compensations need to be given to all african Goverments who were the victims of slavery, as slavery was also the result of why whites and blacks hate each other, further more slavery was also the result of why most african countries are poor today, as those countries also not only took slaves, they also took African resources by force, they took African lands from their owners, they exploited the African people, they massaccre African people, and violate their Human rights.
3. i also took the ideas from a Newspaper from a Country in Africa called Namibia, were by the people who were the victims of the World war 2 demands Compensations from the German Goverment and they are now given compensation.i need answers please.
what i mean was that, compensations ,must be given to the concerned families. most of the victims were forced into slavery, they did not sell themselves. have a look at a true story by kinta kinte and see what i mean. further more did you log on to slavery history and read for your self ?

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  1. TnMtnMan Says:

    I refuse to pay for something that people I didn’t know did 200 years ago. The people now alive should receive nothing… what harm was done them? The issue you mentioned in Namibia is totally different in that some of the victims of WWII are still alive or their immediate descendants. You list slavery as the reasons African nations are so poor…. check on the numbers of slaves that were actually taken from Africa…. it’s much less than you think. The reason African nations are so poor is the lack of emphasis given to education then and now.

  2. Rab Says:

    Not anymore

  3. danielcrna Says:

    You can dig up the guys who actually did that over 100 (200?)+ years ago and ask them for money because no one alive today had anything to do with the slave trade.

  4. Adam Says:

    I think its an asinine and idiotic idea, next they will have to pay of the Irish, then the Asians and everyone else, what about the tribes that sold there own families as slaves, shouldn’t they pay up to.

  5. wild-man of Borneo Says:

    If everyone start asking for compensation on the blunders and slip-ups with human errors in planet of apes.
    Be prepared to pay the bills too from those who fought for the Liberation of Freedom back in world war two claiming theirs too.
    And don’t forget interest is not included yet.
    Wonder who is kicking their own butts in making a monkey out of themselves in planet of apes. Luke 9.60

  6. HOME Says:

    Only if the multiple African tribes who perpetuated the slave trade against their own people pay compensation as well, but never before that happens.

  7. Paleologus Says:

    Africans and black people generally are their own worst enemies and unless there is a change for the better, no amount of compensation is going to help them out of their predicament. Talking about slavery, one might ask: who went into the bush to catch the slaves for sale to the white men? It was mostly the blackman himself who sold his own kin and kith into slavery. All are guilty of this heinous crime: the whiteman who traded in slaves, the arab intermediary who bought from the black dealer and of course the blackman himself who went into the hinterland to look for those to be sold into slavery. Compensation? Yes, but all must first admit their guilt.

  8. Prince_Valiant Says:

    Africans are their own worst enemies, coz the ppl in their governments are usually totaly corrupt. & they won`t improve/change. Africans don`t even give a shit about their own ppl.

    What you`re saying is inflammatory rethoric & drivel.

  9. Tom Says:

    There should be no public apology and certainly no compensation. This slavery was abolished two centuries ago, and no one alive today could possibly be directly involved or personally responsible with it. It seems to me that some people just have a chip on their shoulder.

    How about concentrating on current world issues, instead of dragging up the past, which appears to be making some people feel they are being victimized?

  10. paulisfree2004 Says:

    It will never happen,. look what they did and keep doing to American Indians who had legal treaties with them, they broke every single one of the 535 treaties they signed with us! They will never up the cash! Hell they wont even settle the agent orange cases untill we’re all long and dead