Drill more oil and build more refineries???Thanks Bush?

The president says the solution to high gas prices is drilling for more oil and building more refineries.

When was the last time the US built a refinery? 30+ years?!?

How long will it take to build a new refinery? 6 years?? and what are we to do until then?
hey Greg I make 100,000 year what about you that doesn’t mean I want to spend all of my money on GAS!
I didn’t say not to do anything just why can’t we find something that is going to help us now!?!

17 Responses to “Drill more oil and build more refineries???Thanks Bush?”

  1. Proud American Says:

    He’s right!………and you are right also…..it WOULD take 5-7 years to have all of the infrastructure in place. Until then, well i guess we all buy bicycles.

  2. Yo it's Me Says:

    Imagine what gas prices will be like in 6 years if we don’t. But at least then, we can blame it on Obama, except then the media will probably blame Bush for not doing anything and will have long forgotten Obama’s promise to lower gas prices.

  3. John C Says:

    If we had done this 6 years ago, there would be less of a problem now. Maybe someone is thinking ahead for once. You can effect the future still.

  4. Oldwhiteguy2earth Says:

    He also said the solution to high prices was for us idiots to start conserving petroleum. Anybody driving a vehicle that gets less than 30 mpg is part of the problem. Petroleum is a commodity. If we can’t increase the supply quickly, we have to reduce the demand.

  5. avail_skillz Says:

    What he really means is give big oil the land to build one on(wich was in Republicans latest bill they proposed if anyone bothered to read it), build one with tax dollars and let big oil collect the profit, and they might…just MIGHT keep one of their other oil refineries open for a month after it opens to let gas prices dip tens cents for 30 days.

    Drilling more oil will not drop the price of oil. It will not boost the value of the dollar.
    There is no economic incentive for refiners to refine more gas when it will lower their profit margin along with gas prices.

    Oil is going up because :
    #1 the dollar is going down which causes things to cost more dollars
    #2 when the dollar does go down investors buy commodities to prevent losing value of their investment capital as the dollar tanks. This increases demand, even if it isn’t real demand that is increasing, it still pushes the value of that commodity up.

    if more oil drilling will help, then this should drop gas prices back to a buck and a half a gallon shouldn’t it?

  6. heart_and_troll Says:

    Of course drilling more is a partial solution. Had Bill Clinton not vetoed ANWR drilling (which the people who live in that state favor, as do Republicans), that would be producing 1 million barrels per day of oil right now.

    Refineries almost cannot be built again, because of the left. Environmentals oppose any building and impose so many environmental regulations, it’s almost impossible.

    Vote Republican if you want these issues solved, wake up, and stop blaming Bush when it is the Democrats standing in the way of progress, not him.

  7. iviolated Says:

    How long will it take to build a new refinery? 6 years?? and what are we to do until then?

    Wow and to think if had had built them 10 years ago like Republicans had wanted we’d be FAR along by now.

    TOO bad the DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICANS and want us to spend our savings on oil.

  8. Eric P Says:

    Well if they would of built them earlier like they wanted to do, we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

  9. peachy Says:

    Be honest, could Bush have come up with ANY solution YOU would have agreed to?

  10. Paul Says:

    I have heard in new sealand developed an ingenieur a new methode to make oil out of alga. Then we all can forget people like Bush..

  11. guy chi Says:

    I assume your answer is to continue paying higher prices for fuel. Eco-freaks need to understand that there is plenty of oil under the ground and new technology in building refineries won’t disturb plant or wild life. Of course, there are a few eco-freaks who think that drilling for oil will affect the sex life of the yellow-butt, red-eyed grasshopper, but so be it. There are many other species of grasshoppers that won’t be affected.

  12. Senator Says:

    Tell Bush to control inflation/improve economy before he starts drilling. If he did it that way, there wouldn’t even be a need to drill.

  13. bboy2000 Says:

    If we are actually doing something viable. Build new higher effeminacy refiners. That way we can stop importing refined gasoline. Increase domestic drilling. Increase nuclear power plants. Then we can start to replace, oil, coal and natural gas power-plant. Then we can look at those 5MW solar and wind plants. Electric cars become viable and there no hydrocarbons being produced to power them.

    Maybe we can then find some place to store wind, and solar power when we cannot collect it. Think of the Jobs that can be created in building and maintaing our own equipment? Also the tax revenue that would be generated by just allowing the private sector to work.

  14. al Says:

    Doing nothing because the pay off is down the road is childish thinking. 10 yrs ago the Democrats had a chance to fix the oil problem but did nothing because the payoff was 10 yrs down the road.
    Well guess what we are now 10 years down the road and see where we are at. Too many people have a "What have you done for me now attitude" Being able to delay gratification is a characteristic of a mature mind set.

  15. mnvikes Says:

    duhhhh. what’s YOUR soultion; conserve more, improve efficiency, and use less???? thats crazy witch talk. you people actually expect me to give up my 20L ford F-563463 anymore… you crazies…

  16. Mr. Me Says:

    It’s not Bush’s fault that we’ve not been allowed to drill, or refine our own oil in 30 years, to save a few nutes. You’d have thought JC (Carter) would have looked out for our interests, as we waited 2-3 hours on odd-even numbered days of the week, during the 1st oil crises.

    Ethanol emits more CO2 than gasoline, and is now causing starvation globally. Pretty bright idea, huh?

    So, like Al-gore, we’ll just have to by stock in his carbon credit company, and drill the oil we own, while viable alternatives are developed.

  17. mark Says:

    Look at the environmentalists, global warming syndicate and the push towards global governance.
    Bush could not have prevented nor could have Clinton, this goes back to the Carter administration and OPEC in the 70’s. Policy was never of much importance. We could own all the crude in the world, unless you can convert it into a useable by product its useless. Californians want to bitch about price look at your politicians you keep electing the fringe left.