Drilling for Oil?

With so many people fighting against drilling for oil, why is it that NOBODY is bothered by drilling for gas. I don’t have a problem with either, but if you are going to cut the trees and punch the hole, what difference does it make what comes out of the ground??
Are sensitive places locales where the animals are prettier?

4 Responses to “Drilling for Oil?”

  1. T L Says:

    North Texas sits on top of what is called the Barnett Shale. The natural gas companies have now figured out how to drill through the shale. This has been a huge benifit to those who live here.

    One does not have to have the drill site on their own property to benifit. My mother benifits from 6 or 7 drill sites. Her monthly check from the natrual gas companies has been as large as $6,000, but this amount fluxuates and is not reliable. My property has the potential of being included in 6 drill sites if not more. This would be a great benifit.

    Many North Texans were on the brink of having their homes foreclosed and the money that came their way through the Barnett Shale has really been a blessing to them.

  2. bluewinedog Says:

    might do that in my back yard if the prices keep going up

  3. donmustard@sbcglobal.net Says:

    trees grow and turn into oil!

  4. Michalchik Says:

    There is more equipment associated with oil. An oil spill and leakage often happened since it is more difficult to handle and is more destructive to the environment, The remaining oil reserves are in sensitive places but there is lots of natural gas in the US.