Drop in the price of oil has no impact on gas prices?

So oil has dropped almost 25% since its high 3 weeks ago. Yet gas prices where I live have only dropped 3% (seriously), and with the long weekend coming up they’ll probably skyrocket. Why aren’t we seeing cheaper prices at the pump with oil sliding?

5 Responses to “Drop in the price of oil has no impact on gas prices?”

  1. oldtimer Says:

    It’s down 25 cents around here in the last month and I expect another dime by June

  2. gws35 Says:

    It never does.

    Summer is almost here, time for more oil profiteering for the Obama oil buddies.

  3. Reality Has A Conservative Bias Says:

    The excuse is that they have to switch to a "summer blend" well thats the excuse here in California

  4. Ou812 The Hate U Created pt7 Says:

    Crude is only a small fraction of the expense it takes to produce. A better determiner would be demand, with summer quickly on it’s way demand will increase.
    -also to make matters worse, several reports have found that currently production is more than adequate, meaning they will slow production to maintain the price while saving the reserves.

    That was my nice and accurate way of saying, "they are f********n screwing us!"

  5. Dustndwind Says:

    The service stations want in on the game. Everybody find the cheapest place in town and buy your gas there, all but a BP station. It will work, it did years ago.