easement rights of the owner? I would like to know specifically how many cars can use this easement road.?

I purchased a home with .52 acre and an easement road to the land behind it. When I bought the home the owner/broker did not discribe the details of the easement rights. Will the county purchase this easement if the amount of cars exceeds to the main street usage?It was said that the property owners use the road to get to the main street and that was all I thought of asking. The landowners have homes and are using the road on a daily basis, sometimes the road gets cars going in and out 20 + times a day. The road is not being maintained by anyone and the dust gets so bad it makes it hard to breath. This last summer I did get the road graded and new rock laid down. I was not expecting to be reimbursed. But a thank-you would have been nice.

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  1. fr_chuck Says:

    Basicly no, you can request that the county or city take it over, but it is doubtful.

    And you don’t live in the county do you, many of the "main" roads here are nothing but gravel and there is dust from the 40 cars a hour that go by.

    And there is no restriction they can come in and out all day and night if they want to or need to.

    Unless the easment had some specific clause about thier upkeep of the land, there is not much you can do.

    jSorry, you can and should take all your paperwork and have an attorney review it.

  2. Beez Says:

    See a lawyer immediately. If you bought this propertyk, including the easement, the road may become "by prescription" a public road,. This means if cars are going over it and you have not objected or posted the property, it can be considered public. Also, get a copy of your deed to see how this portion of the property is described.