For all you liberals out there, tell me why I should vote Barak Obama?

Please don’t tell me to end the war, that is something obvious. Give me some more reasons.
Will he keep taxes low and cut federal spending?
Will he allow more exploration and drilling for oil and gas and allow more refineries to be built, thus cutting energy prices?
Will he keep government from micromanaging our lives?

8 Responses to “For all you liberals out there, tell me why I should vote Barak Obama?”

  1. Old School Nintendo Says:

    Because there’s HOPE for America. Barack can bring CHANGE. Some people wonder if we can do it but we just chant "YES WE CAN."

    Okay, now I’ll be serious. I can’t think of one good reason to vote for the guy. He’s an empty suit who basically rambles at his rallies. He would not know what to do with our country even if he won the election. Keep in mind he only has 3 years of experience in the Senate, most of his votes were marked as "present" instead of yea or nay, and he has been campaigning for a fraction of his time as Senator. In other words, he’s not even serving his state; he would rather test his luck in the presidential election which he is not qualified for.
    I doubt you’ll hear any positive reasons to vote for him. Just negative things along the lines of "He’s not Bush," "He’s not a Republican," and "He’s not McCain."

  2. Puller58 Says:

    I’m an independent and you should realize that all politicians lie. So don’t count on anything he has said. Remember that congress has a big say in what he would do, so think about what the Dems have done recently.

  3. yukonslick Says:

    He’ll "do his best" to make

    "the fortunate"

    "pay their fair share"

    "back" to the

    "less fortunate",

    "change you can believe in".

  4. koolish Says:

    Beacause you shouldnt vote MCCain

  5. pablo_asawa Says:

    BO will be the primo example to the world that American can elect a Black man to the highest office in the they say

    in reality whoever gets the OVAL office will be hated by more then half of this country and most of the world..

    I would not like to speculate but Barak Obama has came a long ways. Give a black man the respect of going this far but it would take a miracle to elect him with the "silent majority" of Americans who would rather vote Republican then elect an unknown inexperienced junior just won’t fly in the US

  6. magsgundah Says:

    Nope. He won’t "keep" taxes low, they aren’t low now. But, he does intend to cut federal spending by reducing the number of soldiers stuck in the middle east, hopefully getting us out of a war which has no focus, and therefore can’t be won. If he succeeds, he’ll have greatly decreased government spending.

    He won’t allow more desecration of the few natural resources we have left. He’ll work with environmentalists to encourage alternative fuels. Energy will be expensive – but it won’t be his fault and it’s not W’s fault either. It’s the fault of the Americans of the 60s, 70s and 80s who preferred cheap oil to actually doing the work to create clean, safe, alternative fuels when they were first told they needed to. It was too inconvenient.

    He’ll certainly work to keep the government from watching everything we do in our lives which is (IMO) just as bad as "micromanaging" them…

  7. Nemesis Says:

    just look at the alternative

  8. Moses Says:

    Obama is going to repeal the tax cuts for those making over 500,000 a year and plans to offer additional tax cuts to the middle class. He plans to use a pay as you go gov’t spending philosophy as opposed to borrow now and pay later. He plans to promote the use of alternative energy sources to reduce the dependence upon oil. Go to his website and click on issues.