For how much do oil companies in Mexico produces crude oil for?

Hi I am doing a project. I need to find the production price of crude oil in Mexico for the oil corporation, Pemex. Can someone help me with this please? Would really appreciate it. Any links please provide.

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  1. Jim.2 Says:

    Pemex oil is the property of all Mexicans. It is operated exclusively by the Government a government elected by the people and there is No competition. Some Mexicans think the oil revenues are not being distributed fairly (Chiapis). The trade agreement was the last straw for the Zapatista and commander Macos. The government was distributing oil Monies but using it to pay back borrowed money from other countries (USA) The two Salinas bros (1990)., as it goes Helped themselves.
    There are 13 or so Oil refineries in Mexico and they can`t keep up with the demand for Gas and were shipping oil to Texas for refining. Mexico was importing 40% of their Gasoline from the USA as recently as 2009.
    There is a fortune made and a fortune lost and the government should invest in Ring and Valve jobs lol
    They hire people to Manage Pemex Gasolineras privately and a woman absconded with $70,000.00 usd worth of gas receipts and the last I heard she was in Atlanta

  2. clontarf1002 Says:

    Pemex is a government owned company. The government does not pay for crude. It does pay for refined oil and gasoline which Pemex must import. If you want to know the international price of Mexican oils you should look it up maybe on the Bloomberg website.