For you Libs who say we need to get off gas and use alternative fuel, what about oil by products?

Even if we do all ride around in electric cars, we will still need to drill for oil to get it’s by-products like Parafin (I probably spelled it wrong). How do Libs plan on replacing that?

16 Responses to “For you Libs who say we need to get off gas and use alternative fuel, what about oil by products?”

  1. Shock's in the Mud Says:

    yes you would still need oil but not as fuel. a 5th grader could do the math to show we would have way more than we ever needed for lubrication and such if it was not refined into fuel

  2. belairjr Says:

    they dont. the amount of petroleum used in non gasoline or energy applications is comparatively small. also,synthetics are used in place of petroleum in some products.

  3. Dick Tater Is In Awesome World Says:

    Most realize this. However, moving to alternative fuel would put a major dent in the amount of oil we import. We will still need it for products and planes, etc.

  4. inappropriatus Says:

    There is an alternative to EVERY oil by-product that the market provides.

  5. Johnny Says:

    A few weeks ago in Osaka they made a water-powered car. 1L makes it run at 80km/h for 1 hour, this would completely replace the need for oil as a fuel in any way.

    All the lubrication could be achieved using synthetic oils. I fail to see where the need to drill oil will be.

    Either way, even if we still need to drill for far smaller quantities of oil, how does this flaw the need for renewable/sustainable fuels in cars? I fail to see your point (particularly on keroscene… which cars rely on it?)

  6. hobo tarzan Says:

    there will be plenty of cheap oil for those mechines.

  7. elise_flowerchild Says:

    Using a non-renewable resource is a huge problem either way, but if alternative fuels are less hazardous to the environment, why not use that? Also, Japan just came out with a car that uses water as fuel and emits only water. That’s going to be lobbied up the @ss because oil companies would be destroyed, so that h20 car will take years (or never) to get to the US.

  8. joe4912004 Says:

    Most left wing liberals would cut off their own arm it they accidentally rubbed against Bush or a Republican conservative. That is why liberalism is a mental disorder. Most are too ignorant to know that oil by-products are just about in everything we touch.

    We need more nuclear power plans, more drilling and refinery plants and to use much less energy. In general we need to consume less and produce more.

  9. thebigshowernie Says:

    If we got off oil the worldwide demand for oil would drop considerably and oil would not be as expensive. I am all for nuclear energy as well if it is safe. I don’t want a chernobyl or 3 mile island nor do I want an Exxon Valdez in this country.

  10. Zogtastic Says:

    Who ever said anything about not using by-products?

    How do you plan on replacing it when oil runs out in 40 years?

    It’s not a liberal/conservative thing. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

  11. IanHarStantoN Says:

    Fail question.

    What are you going to do when oil runs out? (Note you cannot drill for oil when supplies are depleted)

  12. hockeyfan530 Says:

    what the libs don’t understand is even if we have alternative sources of energy do they really believe the trucking, airlines and private sector will be able to switch to these alternative sources overnight! It will take years to develop alternative sources and years to switch over. All the while we still need oil. Plus the oil by products you are speaking of.

  13. bloodbath Says:

    The existing oil supply provides enough by products. Plus there can be alternatives to those as well. Science is our friend – this is not the 1800’s

  14. Shy Girl Says:

    The consumption of oil by motor vehicles is so much greater than the by-products that it doesn’t matter. There will still be oil for other things. The problem, at the moment, is that it’s costing an arm and a leg just to be able to get to work in the morning. How long before we’re working to put gas in our cars and have to take second jobs to pay our other bills?

  15. JoshuaCrime Says:

    You’re absolutely right. Petrochemicals are used in all sorts of other industries. But they use a minor fraction of the total oil products used in the US. The vast majority is used for vehicles and power generation.

    We do still need to drill for oil. I don’t think anyone argues about that. Pharmaceutical companies need complex petrochemicals. Plastics still uses some. Metallurgy needs it. Manufacturing needs it.

    But I am going to say that you’re just using this as an attempt to make liberals sounding bad by saying they are against oil drilling. Liberals are not. They are against being a serf and an open money spigot to a bunch of nations that are currently fleecing us and the rest of the world with their speculation and their complete disregard for production needs.

    Not to mention we have to stop using it anyway, or we won’t likely have a planet we can live on any longer.

  16. knowledge Says:

    Accidentally one technology came to be known by American universities through some hospital to use sea (salt water) as fuel.

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