Gas and oil what do you think?

Just want to see what others think on the issue.

About a year age Bush told the oil companies they could push oil prices to . per gallon before he left office and he would do nothing to stop them.

A few weeks ago they started trying to lift the ban on off shore drilling in the USA.
The president of Iran said there is no shortage of oil and that Iran could easyly make more .
There saying that the have found a hudge new oil field in Saudi Arabia and its key yo the oil shortage.
I mean this just keeps going on and on. Ive been following this issue for about 2 years and everything about it is not adding up.
Anyone else been following the issue of oil and gas ?
What do you think is going on?
To Scott R
I will look and find the link were bush said they could do that.
It was a year or so ago ill look for
Im still looking but heres this

4 Responses to “Gas and oil what do you think?”

  1. john m Says:

    The Saudi and the Arabic world are doing this.

    This is a from of warfare. They hate the Western world not just the US. They want o hurt the west in a way so we can not shoot back.

  2. Scott R Says:

    While I would like to take your word for it, could you provide a link to Bush telling oil companies that $5 gas was OK with him?



    I’m not holding my breath on this one.

    Fairly sure of your answer about any sort of link already.

  3. eric l Says:

    The more we pay in taxes on expensive gas and oil products, the more the govt makes so they can spend it on the war in Iraq. Just my opinion though

  4. Al Says:

    I Dont believe Bush can call the shots on anything, not even oil production….. I firmly believe there is a higher source all countries answer too, their central bank.
    There is more oil in alaska at purdoe bay than all of saudi arabia with a sulfer content less than 0.9% which is excellent, but the worldbank and IMF wont allow oil to flow to america from there because the players behind these organizations want to control the world…… remember, all the money they print is fiat currency… it has no REAL value, there is a reason oil is denominated in dollars and not gold, its about controlling the world.
    youtube Lindsey Williams and then read this, it will become absolutely clear who’s in charge and whats going on.