Gas & oil question help needed.?

About three years ago I gave a drilling company permission to drill under my residential property, I was/am apart of a neighborhood pool.
My neighbors are now receiving royalties. I am not. Specifically, what pieces of information do I need to have about myself and my property to identify myself to see if I have any royalties coming to me which I certainly think I do. I do not even have any documentation from them about what I signed over to them or for how long the lease was for from me to them. Do they not owe me (any of us) the courtesy of just normal business documentations. Am I just the odd man out here or are the drilling companies taking the stance of " I Gott-Cha ! " with people like me. Is there a state agency I can address? I live in Texas.
thank for any help you can give.

2 Responses to “Gas & oil question help needed.?”

  1. Janet P Says:

    I am confused. You do not have any documentation?

    A verbal agreement to drill? At least you can prove there was an agreement, there will be a well in your yard.

    You need to start by finding your documentation, you can’t get anywhere without your contract.

  2. estielmo Says:

    What do representatives of "the pool" tell you?