Gas price above $4.00 get some NOW?

For those who have not heard gas is going up to .00 ++
for now reason get some NOW
I have a plan get your congress to do something
gas price relative to event

Refinery problems .02
Hurricane raise .05
other natural distater .05
major warfare within 2,000 miles of US imported oil .10
major warfare within 1,000 miles of US imported oil .15
major warfare within 500 miles of US imported oil .25

To raise gasoline prices for NO reason is only done by the those NY commodity traders (BAD GUYS) for little or no reason
LETS all boycott GAS at .00 + as long as we can
because there is no reason for gas to be that high heck the futures for NOV gas are set and less than what they are charging… go figure..

just my thoughts
I came up with the amounts of increase myself just an idea… explore what gas really costs to produce…
these increases should be limited for how long it is that price.. what do you think…??
All can and should boycott gas purchase for 1 day , just that alone would raise inventories to lower the price..
Asif you are right The US comsumes way to much oil we need to ween our selfs from OIL like others have done…
Brazil, ect.. We would have NO need for being in the middle east then would we…
source for price increase a local gas station mgr I am friends with…

6 Responses to “Gas price above $4.00 get some NOW?”

  1. SouthernGirl Says:

    Pay $4 a gal to get to work making over $28 an hour to feed,clothed and raise 4 kids or refuse to pay $4 a gal for gasoline….hmmmmmmmm

    I prefer my kids to eat…therefore,I have to pay $4 a gal……cutting down on useless trips to places I can do.But it wont stop me from living my life.

  2. Dust ~ Says:

    I’m not going to boycott anything. I like driving my car around. I like people who make money off me. I like people I make money from. Maybe you should get another job or do something else to contribute to the economy instead of detracting from it by hoarding your money.

  3. Asif Says:

    Go to India and check out the gas price there! You will faint! A litre of petrol costs around 45 when I was there last time around. 45 Rs is too much for just a single litre for an average Indian family. An average Indian family, cannot afford so much of money. And, you are worrying about ourselves in US! I feel US is much better! Stop worrying!

    EDIT – You can go ahead and give me a thumbs down! But look at the world! Try to see other pains too, rather than just your pain! Be broad minded!

  4. Admin0746-01 Says:

    If boycotting gasoline was a feasible answer, don’t you think it would have been done by now? I wish it was easy to do, but it isn’t.

    Also, where did you get those price increase ammounts? Did you come up with them yourself? If they’re from a legitimate source, they’d really help with my budgeting.

    Good luck!

  5. fickle 1 Says:

    WOW…if that really happens, I will definitely BOYCOTT!!!

  6. Gary Says:

    Boy those hybrid vehicles are looking better and better all of the time.