Gas prices?

When the Republicans were in office the democrats blamed them for not doing anything to bring prices down, so what are the democrats doing to help the people of America????

Do you think they should cut the taxes on gas to help the people??

And do you think we should be drilling in this country for oil???

Lets keep in mind an alternative for gas and oil is a ways way, so we do not have that option.

5 Responses to “Gas prices?”

  1. crikeyme_mate Says:

    the democrats arent doing a thing to lower the gas prices in america. in fact, they think by increasing taxes on the companies that drill for the oil, produce the gasoline, and increasing taxes at the pump it will help reduce the price of it because ‘the big old mean oil companies are fixing prices.’

    not only should the taxes on gas be cut, the the corporations that refine it and drill for it shouldnt be taxed at all, so they can spend more capital searching for it all over the globe.

    as for drilling in our own country, that would be the most logical option, but corporations such as the sierra club, greenpeace, and other tree hugging anti progress companies hinder not only domestic drilling, but building of refineries. a new gas refinery has not been built in the united states in 30 years. the democratic rule also has not helped either, since they feel the need to make public land into stupid refuge lands so nothing can be drilled there. there is more oil in the shale rock in colorado than underneath all of saudi arabia.

  2. Stonewall Says:

    Outstanding suggestions.

    You have brought up a point of extreme hypocrisy with the Liberal/Progressives in this country.

    They just want to whine and blame Republicans for everything.

  3. alanninn Says:


  4. BekindtoAnimals22 Says:

    I think we should drop the speed limits for immediate relief. I have heard people say this does not save gas. That’s wrong. Its a simple thing to test. It is difficult to do at first as I well remember when it was done in the 70’s, but after you get used to it, its no problem.

  5. P S Says:

    Lots of gas and oil in the everglades…but no matter how it is regulated the environmental nazi’s will never allow oil exploration in the ‘glades.