Gas Prices…Give this Some Thought. What do you Think???

HMM? Ok if the oil companys made only made 9 or 12 cents per gallon and there profits for 2005 quadrupled? That means they sold 4 times as much gas in 05 then 04..? Correct? HMM Well that didn’t happen?
Maybe they cut admin cost to the tune of a trillion dollar profit in 2005?? HMM that surely didnt happen? Maybe the price of gas More then Doubling in the last couple years?? JUST MAYBE that has Alittle to do with it??
What ya Think??
Or Maybe You Think its The Envirorment Wackos Fault for the gas prices because we dont drill in alaska right.. LOL NOT!
Or the Other Corportist talking point, The Wackos wont let the Oil Co. build new refineries..?? WHEN A 100 year old Company can quadruple profits in one year, DO YA THINK THEY NEED OR WANT TO DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT?? They Curtainly have the tax breaks and profits to lobby congress to build new refineries, but they decided to spend there congress lobbying money on writing a So called "energy bill" ,and to turn back the clean air and water regulations back to the stone age.. And For what?? PROFIT.. Which wouldnt be so bad if it werent coming from the sweat of us average americans they have at there mercy!…

Wait, dont forget about The OIL and GAS( bush) administrations "Energy Bill" That Gave a 12 Billion Dollar Tax Give Away to the 6 major oil companys…( Other wise known as Corporate Welfare) The same bill Cheney met in closed door meetings to write.. Was Suppose to lower prices and create 100k jobs… Remember that?? Well,,, OK? Were still waiting…

We have been Wacked and BUSH Wacked HARD>>!!! And they who feel the need to defend Oil companys and the failed oil Man who now works for them….Consider what is the 1st thing you think about when you think of Jimmy Carter.. (gas Prices) Lyndon Johson (Vietman war) Nixon (Lying and Cheating) Reagen (inflation,12% mortages) Clinton( Blow job) WITH G Dubya Bush.. We get all of the about and one better,, we get F…ed not just the BJ…

10 Responses to “Gas Prices…Give this Some Thought. What do you Think???”

  1. Alchemy303 Says:

    It bugs me too, Bush has screwed up Iraq, Gave tax breaks to the WEALTHY and is giving money to major companies whose CEO’s make Millions a year. So what about the CEO of a huge company going into retirement comfortably, while the average Joe struggles? Gas prices are hard on me, Gas isn’t cheap, and I’m drive alot, which in turn, burns gas. $3.00 a gallon isn’t great at all, infact, IT SUCKS. If they keep going, my paycheck will mostly go to gas. Thats not fair.

    Bush may of wanted to drill in Alaska, but he would ruin the envrionment, and alls the republicans care about it MONEY $$$$$, they don’t give a crap about the envrionment.

    All in all, This sucks, I say, don’t let those CEO’s get tax breaks, make them spend money, and make those will all the cash, help fix up the envrionment instead of spending it on a fancy boat, or an estate.

  2. smackykill Says:

    gas and go cyaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Corn & Taters & Buckets of Gravy Says:

    Um… was that a question?

  4. NunZ7777 Says:

    nice question… was there a question there?

  5. gailforce_wind Says:

    It’s called greed and it started in 1998 before the Bush Administration. Check gas price histories and see.

  6. the man Says:

    i think someone hit the nail on the head. years from now it will all come out that Bush was one of the worst presidents in American history. I say that only knowing what we know now. I can’t wait to hear all the other acts of corruption that will come out years from now.

  7. luninabner Says:

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  8. kel Says:

    Where did you get the idea that they only got 9-12 cents per gallon as a profit? Oil companies as with ALL companies work on a percentage for profit. Now 9-12 PERCENT (%) might or might not be the percentage that they make, and when you think about it that would make sense, as 12% of 70 USD is a lot more than 12% of 9 USD (the price of oil in 1999!).

    I agree that there profits are very high, too high even, but that’s life, this would need to be addressed as a windfall tax or some other tax method, then flood all the money that is taxed off of this revenue stream into alternative fuel sources to sustain the lower prices in the future.

  9. dn01rebel Says:

    I have talked until I’m Blue in the face. Americans are in love with EXXON MOBIL . I could be a sex thing…Exxon Mobil is getting in all of our pants. Thay are not gental….They ram it in and tomorrow they ram it in again. I hope we don’t get pregnant snd have s lot of little EXXON MOBIL Bastards running around!

  10. Arbitrage Says:

    I’m not seeing this 4x profit here. Did you actually bother taking a look at the income statement before posting based on random numbers?

    Go and figure out the net and gross margins trend also. It’s pretty constant over the years, especially if you go back to their old annual reports.