Gas Prices in CA are $4.00 a gallon. What price do they need to reach before Obama allows drilling again?

Will Obama allow drilling and new oil refineries to be built if gas gets over ________________

I say at .50 he will talk about it
at he will present a half hearted attempt at it
and when we reach .00 he would turn into Sarah Palin on energy policy. Drill baby drill – Alaska, off the coasts and in the gulf.
Let me be a little more clear. While I agree Obama wants 8$ a gallon gas because that makes alternative energy look more realistic. Therefore the last thing he would do is increase oil and gas production. However we all know Obama is an idiot. So when gas gets up to a gallon our economy starts to go down hill fast. Without the manipulation of the unemployment numbers our unemployment rate is about 17% nationally. If gas goes up to .00 unemployment goes up to 20%. If Obama doesn’t want to lose to another democrat in the primaries he is going to need to do something to keep the prices down. When gas went up to Bush started to allow off shore oil drilling and oil dropped from 140$ down to . Now Obama comes in and stops drilling in the gulf, stops drilling in Alaska, won’t allow any refiners to be built is trying to shut down nuclear energy and wont let it grow. I see his energy policy akin to his Cuba prison policy. While he wants to close down Cuba’s prison he can’t

18 Responses to “Gas Prices in CA are $4.00 a gallon. What price do they need to reach before Obama allows drilling again?”

  1. L.T.M. Says:

    Enjoy that $4.00 while it lasts. Did you see this?

    Re Obama, don’t bet on him doing what’s obviously in our best interest. He has his own agenda.

  2. John Red Says:

    Gas got to be right around 5 in CA when Bush was when office, I doubt anything will happen until it reaches 5.50 or 6. When all else fails, just think of what they pay in Europe.

  3. GOZ2FAST Says:

    Obama wants gas prices high…he wants our economy to collapse…he just doesn’t want it to happen to quickly.

  4. Cris Ray Says:

    BHO loves it the higher the better it will make green energy look like it is worth the mindless subsides it gets.

  5. Liberal anti-virus Says:

    Try try to imagine what carter would do. That is probably what the sitting genius will do.

  6. Primoâ„¢ Says:

    "Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily sky rocket"-Barack Obama

  7. Dr. Zaius Says:

    I just heard on the radio today that some gulf drilling platform had a fire.. So apperently drilling IS going on.

    EDIT: Apperently it’s a non operating Rig.. I stand corrected.

  8. Matthew D Says:

    Deep sea drilling is a tiny amount of oil. It won’t lower the price of gasoline.

  9. Rupert's Robot's Says:

    Drilling isn’t the answer.
    Getting off oil is.
    Hemp as oil, its cheap easy and abundant.
    It isn’t food but can be.
    It is medicine.
    The constitution was written on it.
    You can make clothes with it.

  10. bluechristy Says:

    Yeah gotta keep that addiction and Oil syringe full and pumping .
    I say turn lose some of the Oil reserves .
    This price hike is bogus any way . Just speculation and gouging . The oil from Libya goes to Europe Russia and Asia BTW.

  11. Shelley L Says:

    He shouldn’t permit drilling. EVER. Take the bus. Ride a bike. WALK. You don’t like the gas prices, then sell your car and figure something else out, but never, never, NEVER should the oil companies be allowed to destroy more of our coastlines or be able to rape the Alaskan wilderness.

  12. bmovies60 Says:

    "Gas Prices in CA are $4.00 a gallon. What price do they need to reach before Obama allows drilling again?"

    Forget it. It can reach 100 bucks a gallon, he isnt going to allow it.

    Ignore those who say we have to wean ourselves from the oil. As if we got so many energy alternatives right around the corner that can do the jobs oil can, or even better.

    Bug writes: "False.

    There is only a ban on off-shore drilling.

    There is nothing stopping the oil companies from drilling on the 28 million acres of land (on land) they already hold leases on"

    "Breaking News: Obama Administration to cancel 77 drilling leases in Utah"

  13. Terri Th Says:

    I’m in California and gas prices haven’t gotten high enough to get the monster trucks and SUVs off the road, so I guess they aren’t too high. I don’t understand why people enjoy putting over $100 in their gas tank, but it seems that they do, since they likely chose their own vehicle.

  14. Donovan Says:

    He has already considered tapping into our emergency petroleum reserves.

    Though that’s not going to help lower gas prices, it helps restore confidence in the economy since it’s going down due to the high price of oil.

    High gas prices also increae incentives to find alternate energy sources. So in a way this is good. Obama should refrain from drilling for more oil.

    Just because gas is going up in CA doesn’t mean Obama needs to DRILL BABY DRILL. CA has high gas taxes, and thats why their gas prices are so high. Other states have lower gas prices than CA.

    I drive a pretty efficient car and my parents make a lot of money. So these high gas prices aren’t really hurting me too much.

    Now you may ask why I complained about high gas prices under Bush and not Obama? Well that’s because Bush had a completely different agenda when it came to energy policy. We simply had high gas prices so Bush’s oil friends could make more money. We have high gas prices now because of what’s going on in Libya, and with this happening under Obama with his ideas for energy, we can move slowly away from oil unlike what happened under Bush.

  15. bi-polar-itical Says:

    he is driving up the price, just like bush did.

  16. Bug Says:


    There is only a ban on off-shore drilling.

    There is nothing stopping the oil companies from drilling on the 28 million acres of land (on land) they already hold leases on. Except, of course, that additional drilling would bring down the price of oil, and therefore, decrease their profits.

  17. Our future is history Says:

    ___________he won’t. I don’t think he even would at the risk of Civil War.
    Oil is the modern day equivelant of gold. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING you buy reflects the cost of fuel (oil) to produce it and deliver it. Many things such as plastic, rubber, and clothing are even made from it. Is it really that oil is going up, or that our dollar is going down?
    Libya supplies a whopping less than 2% of the global oil supply which Saudi Arabia said they would step up and cover. Blaming Libya sure makes a good cover story though doesn’t it?

  18. draciron Says:

    A better question is how high does gas prices have to go before they repeal the Federal taxes on gas that were supposed to be repealed when gas hit $1 a gallon? A huge percentage of the cost of a gallon of gas is tax. That is a severely regressive tax as it unfairly targets those least able to pay it.