Gas prices outlook what is the short and long?

Do you think gas is going up or down.

Here is my thought.

I see more people using their SUV and larger trucks lately. If you read about the reason why oil went up so high it is because of all the misuse of oil.

Bigger better faster was what everyone was trying to achieve. Glutenous misuse of a precious resource has caused the problem.
Here are some things we can do to hedge the problem.
Use less oil. Here is how.
If your house is heated by oil change it to natural gas as soon as it is available in your area,

Stop using the drive thru. Get out and go in and wait in line. Don’t be so lazy sitting in your car burning a depleting resource.

Car pool or use public transportation.

Purchase a smaller car. Buy what you need not what you want. Stop following the "trend" of other people and be an example.

Purchase a hybrid car cor commuting if you cant use public transportation.

Even though the hybrid has a high global footprint because of battery waste. They do use less fuel and in the short run they can buy time to make CNG a better option or hydrogen.

We will always need oil for lubrication, grease, tractors, cranes, temporary generators, ATV use, and many other things you may think of.
what is your thought?

One Response to “Gas prices outlook what is the short and long?”

  1. Fraud Says:

    Simple answer to your complex question – The mankind will have to learn to use alternate fuels and resources of energy like Solar and thermal. If not… the gas prices will continue to soar…. and a day will come, there might not be single human being left to buy the oil – environmental degradation would have wiped out the whole planet.