Gas Prices???

Some experts predict that at this rate gas is going to hit 7 dollars by the end of summer.

My question is why can’t people boycott gas by buying less gas so rather then buying say 10 gallons of gas a week. Can’t people such as yourself like cut it into half?

I know people talk about alternative energy but why can’t officials do the walk verses the talk?

Why can’t America become more independent on oil/gas rather then asking countries for it? What about Alaska, why can’t we start drilling in Alaska. Great place for oil. I realize there is wild life but do you want cheaper oil or animals who pay us nothing in return?

Why is gas prices increasing besides supply and demand? Will gas prices ever get better or get worse. What are you going to do about this gas problem and how are you going to solve it?

Thanks for all your answers :)

9 Responses to “Gas Prices???”

  1. wdx2bb Says:

    Usually gas prices peak in the late May to June period, so it’s tough to picture a huge jump from here.

    Besides worldwide demand, the weakness of the American dollar and some speculation are some of the factors involved in the rise in prices. Boycott isn’t the right word, but using less is obviously a good idea. Cutting demand will reduce costs all the way around and extend the shelflife of supplies.

    There’s no way for America to not buy gas elsewhere, even going to Alaska or offshore. And getting rid of the gas tax for the summer is counterproductive to the ultimate goal. Every little bit helps, I know, but it’s important to consider other energy sources and shift the burder (wind, solar, even nuclear if done safely).

  2. Joe Joe Dancer Says:

    Wow……… I haven’t seen a gas price question in…………10 seconds. Why don’t you ask a Miley Cirus question too.

  3. Reducto Says:

    I doubt if its gonna hit 7 bucks a gallon by the end of summer. Thats a major jump from where it is now.
    As far as drilling in Alaska. Yes im all for that. They should be allowed to drill wherever they please. Our nation is suffering because of this oil crisis. But Obama and his henchmen are against any further drilling in America. They would rather us be dependent on the Saudis and Iranians.
    Alternative fuel vehicles are great, but they are going to take around 10 years before we start seeing large numbers of them on the road.

  4. whatever Says:

    I agree about drilling in Alaska, Florida and North Dakota. North Dakota has more oil than Saudi Arabia!

  5. Chukwuma A Says:

    Gas prices are increasing because it is a finite resource. The amount will keep going down as long as we keep using it. If people reduced the amount of gas bought fuel will run out quickly. Then you would find yourself back at the gas station. I do not really understand why we are not drilling from Alaska. I think its because we are afraid to tamper with anything there. The best thing to do is only drive when it is necessary. Buy a bike, moped, in-line skates or a motorcycle to go to any nearby place. A motorcycle uses 1 gallon of gas every 120 miles

  6. miss no name Says:

    No they said in TWO years gas prices may reach that much.

  7. travish Says:

    I don’t agree about drilling in Alaska. At least not until we lessen our addiction, otherwise it’s just going to keep feeding the fire and prolonging this mess that we’re in, instead of fixing it.

    In my opinion, gas prices will continue to get worse. I’m thinking about moving into town within the next two years. It’s closer to school, which is currently 22 miles away. Everything else is right there, too, which is a plus. I could walk to the store. Living where I do now, I drive about 8 miles for the nearest grocery store.

  8. jackpi21 Says:

    They should not be allowed to drill where ever they please unless it’s in the head of some idiot that says they should!

  9. Says:

    Drilling for our own oil should be a priority, because every other industrialized nation is doing exactly that right now. We do not follow suit, because the pansy politicians listen to the environmentalists and not the people. Not every politician is included in the pansy group.

    We have a president who’s poll numbers are very low, but he with some other brave republicans have the barbells to stand up for what’s right. We need to drill ANWR (ASAP). The drilling site is only less than .01% of the total area, and the polar bears will watch from a distance if they happen even to come upon our rigs by accident.

    There is hundreds of miles of ice where no tree can be found, but the global warming people make it sound like a paradise.