If gas is getting so expensive and government wants to do something about it, then why dont we just lift the oil drilling laws for maybe 3 to 4 months? I mean, the environmentalist can do only so much and also, i know its a big thing about the moose mating, but i mean, COME ON!!! If the moose want it that much They WILL FIND A WAY! And also the polar bears being put on the endagered list? There are at least 5 times as many now then there was when we found out about em….Any opinions?
I do agree for the most part of what has been said, but one must also put into consideration. The government does not produce the oil, entrepreneurs do. So you would think that they wouldnt really mind spending a little extra money if hes going to make that much more back. Oil is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is no way you can loose money in that! And yes, im 16 and i agree, i shouldnt have to worry about if im going to have enough money left from my paycheck for gas this week or not. Refineries are expensive, i know, but like i said there are plenty of people willing to put a little more forward if its for less costing gasoline.

5 Responses to “Gas?!?!?!?!?!?”

  1. Kobe Says:

    the sad news is they say they want to raise it to $8 a gallon (for the environment). Now this would be a good idea under a few circumstances. One is if the economy wasnt so fucked up already EVERYTHING not jus gas is raising. Two, what about the people who HAVE to drive miles and miles away jus to earn a decent paycheck but are living hand to mouth? You also have to have their interests at heart. Not everybody can go to a dealership and trade in their car for a hybrid. Three China and India are the ones using all the oil….what are they’re prices like? So they offer us $600 of blood money and expect us to shut up. I honestly believe this whole thing is planned. All this money America is spending for a war….. America is not the America it once was. Other countries would loathe to be allies with us. Now we are the world’s enemy it seems. Bush really did a number. The sad thing is dude really got reelected. I’m sure if he could rewrite the books he’d run again. As a country instead of using all that money fighting that war it could be used to help ALL THE AMERICAN people on alternative energy methods just so the rest of the world can keep up with us some more. I fear for the lower class Americans and i will continue to pray that everything can work itself out. I believe now thats all we can do…..

  2. da_dez_bombzzz Says:

    it is already 4.20 a gallon here…and it should be 5.00 by the end of summer..

    i am getting a scooter.

  3. hernandezana75 Says:

    i kno what you mean my parents fill half of their tanks with only 40 bucks
    im 17, and unlike many wanting a car f*** that
    im okay with taking a trolley!
    im young i shoodnt worry about stuff like that
    hang in there or get public transportation depending were you live
    have a good day :)

  4. Rex T Says:

    Increasing the supply is the obvious thing to do, but also there are not enough refineries and it is too expensive to refine oil into gas. Crazy states like California require three different formulas for gas depending on the time of year and the location. That forces refineries to work inefficiently and expensively. Drilling in Alsaka and off the coast of Florida are the obvious places to go. I live in Florida and love the beach, but it is insane to let Cuba and other countries drill in the Gulf while we refuse to do so. US oil companies are far more environmentally responsible than Cuba or China.

  5. cliftonphotographer Says:

    First of all this government is as evil as is possible when it comes to oil. Bush makes millions from oil and he’s not doing anything to lower the cost to us. Ooooo I’m so shocked. This is what we get for having an Oil-President!
    That Said.
    I think if we watched the oil drilling in some of the areas,even putting Environmentalists ON the platforms to oversee operations then the oil companies could be trusted. I don’t think they purposefully poison the planet,but accidents happen and having the environmentalist there would keep them on the right track.
    But still we know OIL IS FINISHED! We need alternatives NOW AND TODAY! No more waiting! And we CANNOT count on the government to do anything to make this happen!