Geography help ? asap?

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During the two World Wars, Switzerland….
fought on Germany’s side
fought on France’s side
remained neutral
was invaded by France

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LOCHS are found along the highland coasts of…..

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From what body of water has the Netherlands RECLAIMED large areas of land?
the North Sea
the Atlantic Ocean
the English Channel
the Bay of Biscay

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More than half of FRANCE’S border is formed by…
the Pyrenees

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Iceland’s government established the world’s first _________.
consitutional monarchy.
independent country.
oil-drilling industry.

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GREECE has always depended on the Sea and today has…..
many hydroelectric plants
many plants to change seawater to freshwater
one of the world’s largest merchant fleets
the world’s largest fishing fleet

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The GREEK islands make up how much of Greece?
50 percent
20 percent
5 percent
10 percent

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One reason GREECE is a center for Tourism is that….
it is part of the Iberian Peninsula
it has one of the least developed economies in Europe
it is a major banking center
it is the home of an ancient civilization

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The PYRENEES Mountains form the border between FRANCE and…

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Parlimentary Democracy and great literature are two gifts to the World from…..
the United Kingdom

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Both the UNITED KINGDOM and IRELAND are located on….
the Iberian Peninsula
the Scandinavian Peninsula
the British Isles
the Balkan Peninsula

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Which one of the following is true of Paris?
It is France’s cultural center
It is the smallest city in Europe
It is located in southern France
It is the home of 5 million people

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Europe’s LARGEST industrial center, along the Rhine River in Germany, is called the..

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The Celts and the Anglo-Saxons were early people who SETTLED in………
the British Isles

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The wind-borne loess helpes to enrich the soil of Germany’s_________.
Bavarian Alps.

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The small country of LUXEMBOURG has been an independent country…..
since it revolted against Belgium
since World War II
since the end of the Austrian Empire
for more than 1,000 years

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ITALY’S Mediterranean climate means that most of Italy has….
sunny summers and rainy winters
a short growing season
hot summers and dry winters
little rainfall

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Castile, Catalonia, Galicia, and Andalusia are SPAIN’S….
main tourist areas
grape and olive growing areas
cattle-raising areas
cultural regions

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Although mountains cover 75 percent of AUSTRIA, it…..
produces no hydroelectric power
raises dairy cattle, sugar beets and other crops
has the best autobahns in Europe
has no major river

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What RELIGION is practiced by most of the people of IRELAND?
Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Roman Catholicism
Lutheran Protestantism

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Which country is the LARGEST food producer in WESTERN EUROPE?
the Netherlands

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What country was DIVIDED into two parts from 1945 to 1990?

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The MESETA is a huge Plateau in Spain that covers……
two-thirds of the land
the most mountainous region
the country’s richest farmland
the coastal area

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Which on of the following is true of Southern ITALY?
it has large cities
it has oil and natural gas
it is often visited by tourists
it has fertile farmland

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DENMARK is located on the Jutland Peninsula south of Sweden between the…
North Sea and the Baltic Sea
North European Plain and the Carpathian Mountains
English Channel and the North Sea
Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea

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the same government
many cultural traditions
hydroelectric power plants

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The richest farmland and the major industrial centers of ITALY are found in…..
the Apennine Mountains
the Po River valley

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FRANCE has a prosperous economy based on both…
navigable and unnavigable rivers
manufacturing and handmade products
exports and imports of wine
agriculture and industry

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PORTUGAL and SPAIN are located on the IBERIAN PENINSULA, and they share similar…..
histories and cultures
high standards of living
size in their population
size in their land area

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In 1998 British and Irish officials agreed to work to settle peacefully the future of…
southern Ireland.
Northern Ireland.

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