Geometry question help please?

Consider this scenario and then answer the next three questions: A land owner wants a good approximation of the width of his stream from point D to point C. At high point B, he lays a carpenter’s square (used to make right angles) so that he can sight along BC and BA. AD = 9.3 ft and BD = 15.7 ft.

The figure:

1. State the corresponding proportional sides between similar triangles ABC and ADB.
2.Answer the following questions about the previous scenario: (a) Write an algebraic expression to represent the length from A to C. (b) Write a proportion to find the distance across the stream. (c) What is the length across the stream?

2 Responses to “Geometry question help please?”

  1. Mark Says:

    AD/BD = BD/DC

    9.3/15.7 = 15.7/DC

    9.3 DC = 15.7² so that DC = 15.7²/9.3 = 26.5 ft

    AC = AD + DC = 9.3 + 26.5 = 35.8

  2. Lieutenant Says:

    thats freakin crazy…. i’m usually a genius in math and i can’t understand the question.. sryy;_ylt=AkAZKhmJ3LzFtcdbPXNHttvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110115150927AAYipRd

    help me?