Get this I have land in TN and can’t get electric unless I get permission from land owner all around me?

And she refuses! Here’s the kicker we had our land since 1920 and she bought hers in 1994-by the way there is an old public road and everyone else has no problems getting theirs to their land. In a way she has land locked me from production. Doesn’t everyone have the right to electric?

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  1. joewhite22 Says:

    Well, I would assume, from what you are saying, that in order for you get electricity to your property, the physical aspects would have to go through her property (ie. poles, lines, other equipment). Though she could be neighborly and just allow it, I would guess that she has a right to deny the idea of running lines through her property for just you. I believe, and I may be wrong, that the government allows electric companies the right to put those physical aspects on others property if it is for the good of the community, but since this would only be in your favor, there may be no "right" to it. If this is the situation, I am not sure there is much you can do other than sweet talk your neighbor.

  2. STEVE C Says:

    How do you get onto your property?
    Is there a driveway that goes through her land to yours?
    Does the old public road lead to or through your property?
    By "old public road", do you mean that it’s now a private road?

    If you are totally landlocked and don’t own a driveway through her property to yours, you are probably screwed. You will have to try and buy an easement from her for a driveway, in which case you can run electric down your driveway.

    If she won’t sell, the only thing I can think of is to install solar panels and / or a wind turbine on your property.

    If there is a house on the property that used to have electricity, contact the utility company. If a precedent was set many years ago in regards to electrifying the property, you might be "grandfathered" in regards to an easement.

    Good luck!

  3. FredHH Says:

    sell the land.. buy a different place.

  4. jdkilp Says:

    I know the feeling … NC has similar laws. I have 5 acres and had to buy another 1/2 acre to get access to electric and a road.

  5. Brian A Says:

    Nope, no "right" to electric.

    Doesn’t really matter when she bought her land either. If it was for sale at some point though, maybe you should have bought it instead, so you weren’t landlocked. If she is unwillingly to grant an easement freely, maybe offering her a little green will help.

  6. jake Says:

    I live in Tennessee and I’ve never heard anything like this