good oil and gas university for study?

it does not matter where just i need the information or name of university that can be easy to go and study for me.i am intersted to engineering or drilling and to inform you i am from iran and i think its going to be a bit hard for me to apply or find that so if you can give me good information about that its helps me a lot and i’ll thanks you.

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  1. Sheikha Says:

    Mohammed, salaam.
    I am from Oman & I studied Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Petroleum Engineering from an Indian University. Vinod Bhave Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri.Dhanbad under Bihar University. It was a long distance course and good like a regular one. But due to family commitments I couldnt complete the course in full, but I found some one who can fix things with the universities back in India and he helped me with the documentation process, attestations of the certificates etc..everything went fine even my desired year and expected marks. Now I am working for Ras Gas in Qatar. All is well..
    If you need any further clarification, dont forget to mail me, thanks