Government involvement in oil spill?

I’m doing a summary response essay based on BP going "green" I wanted to mention governments role with the oil spill. Why is the government not so involved? shouldn’t they be involved? I would think after the big impact with our food quality and more environmental problems, not only the Impact with our supplies and environment. Lives were lost too. I would think they would at least be regulating the company. I feel that BP is just trying to put a band-aid over the situation and will still continue to drill as much oil and gas to make profit, whether or not safety and procedures are at risk. Again I’m confused with government’s involvement. Can someone explain why?

3 Responses to “Government involvement in oil spill?”

  1. lowjoy Says:

    Number one they did not act fast enough and the Evironment has gone with the damage that has been done. It will take decades before that is back how it was. It is now so badly damaged and it was part of the Worlds green areas . There are I believe four Areas of this Earth of ours that are what are called the balance of our Planet. In another part of the World they are chopping Forests down and that will be the folly of what will happen. We will not suffer in our life time but others that are to follow will be left with a Legacy of nothing, and the whole will die. This has been written by people who know what they are talking about… and I believe them. So we who have everything are stripping the Planet and we will leave nothing for generations to come. It will be written into the History books of what we did in our time on this Earth. It would probably be a good idea if first they gave us all Ration Books, like we had during the War…. guess what we coped ok and had enough to eat, but of course that would probably cause another War if people did not get all they wanted…. like they do with everything else.

  2. nanny Says:

    The US government did get involved. They did the damage and they should fix it. The government doesn’t have the oil drilling expertize of the largest oil company in the world. When they didn’t come forth properly to correct their problem we did get involved, and oversaw their activities. We are still monitoring their actions, cleaning our waters, beaches, flora and fauna. When there is a problem, we tell them. We send bills for our expenses and will be reimbursed.

  3. checkmate Says:

    Governments tend not to get involved in big business nowadays. They occasionally like to posture. Remember the American Senators who were going to give BP such a wigging? Don’t hear much from them since they became aware they were wrong and anyway they’ve other issues to pursue now. It’s business that pays most politicians’ wages and they won’t forget that. They won’t bite the hand that feeds them.