has any one read this book…?

apache – girl warrior by Tanya Landman , if so then please tell me the story in as much detail as possible. help would be appriciated thankyou
and no im not doin book reports , i just have read the first half of the book and never got to finish the ending so i just want to know the ending . lol x

3 Responses to “has any one read this book…?”

  1. buzygirlz Says:

    just heard first time.
    no sorry.
    u would get the story in library.

  2. Xx_aLLtimELoWLUvEr_xX Says:

    i’m guessin that u have to write a book report and u forgot to read the book so now ur askin ppl here
    yea great plan….

  3. Kim from Sydney Says:

    Siki is an orphan of the Black Mountain Apache. Her mother was killed by Mexicans three years ago and her father lost in an ambush the winter before that. When Siki witnesses the brutal murder of her little brother Tazhi, she vows to become an apache warrior and avenge her brother’s death.