Has anyone determined just how much gas is coming out of the oil spill and what level of solubility it has?

When they look at the amount of substances coming up out of the pocket they drilled into it does not look like it is just oil. They found they had methane that crystalized and prevented removal of the substance with the first apparatus tried. When specialists look at it they say it looks like more is coming out than BP is saying. But when I look at it coming up it looks like it may predominantly be a mixture of water soluble gases or substances such as the underwater sulfur fissures in the ocean.

4 Responses to “Has anyone determined just how much gas is coming out of the oil spill and what level of solubility it has?”

  1. Jaxman Says:

    Who cares. Just plug the fxxx’n hole stat.

  2. L.T. Says:

    I really don’t know the exact answer but I’m inclined to agree.. What they’re finding doesn’t look right…from what I understand, it’s spewing out equal Exxon Valdez every seven days.either way, what affect is this having on our environment or will we even recover? I hear the Atlantis rig (oil and gas production) is at risk as well.

  3. Righor Says:

    Yes, BP has precise analytical breakdown of the composition of the crude and gas blasting out of the Deep Water oil rig’s ruptured pipeline, but is refusing to release the data. They are acutely aware of the profound negative image and legacy this diasasterous environmental accident is going to leave but, like Union Carbide in Bhopal India when the chemical plant exploded and released a cloud of cyanide over the city and killed thousands, they knew very well that protracted litigation, lobbying, and court delays would eventually exonerate them from the responsibility and erase the facts from public scrutiny. BP will employ the same tactics.

    Meanwhile, their capitol hill lobbying army will ramp up their and intensify and more politicians will be swayed to deny legislation to demand accountability and action.

  4. neworleansdeborah Says:

    Don’t kid yourself, it is mostly OIL, otherwise BP wouldn’t have been drilling there to begin with.

    How much? Two university professors say that it is the equivalent to the Exxon Valdez every four days – we have been under this threat for a MONTH now and very little has been done.