Has Mccain cast himself an unwilling-to-compromise defender of big oil?

"McCain is stuck in a conundrum: express support for the Gang of Ten and incur the wrath of anti-tax crusaders or continue rolling the dice against public opinion and risk being painted as a stooge of the oil lobby. His .3 million in oil and gas donations in June only furthers the frame.

"I think the problem with McCain’s position is that he keeps saying I’m in support for all of the above. But when it comes down to specifics in what he will really support, the only thing that comes through loud and clear is more drilling. And I think that is the big vulnerability on his part," said Bob Sussman, an energy expert for the liberal Center for American Progress. "The ‘tax the oil company’ issue is really difficult for Republicans, but the polling data indicates that the public thinks the oil companies have big role to play… I don’t know what is really going on here or if McCain is thinking this through carefully. But I think this is undermining his credibility and to some degree is his hallmark approach: looking for bipartisan solutions to problems."
Author: -Stein-

4 Responses to “Has Mccain cast himself an unwilling-to-compromise defender of big oil?”

  1. jero Says:

    Might as well be, he is bought and paid for by them

  2. David H Says:

    Of course he is. He’s a Republican.

  3. TinyButUgly Says:

    He’s a rep, what did you expect him to do ? Hug trees ?

  4. Gabby Johnson is right! Says:

    Is the bear Catholic?

    He’s a Republican, i.e., Big-oil lapdog.