Have you heard this about HIllary?

Hillary and her friend Nancy Pelosi are working on a change in the U.S. Constitution that would make it illegal for us to legally have guns in our homes! They want to take away our right to bear arms! They believe that this would curb the violence in America! I’m sorry ,but why do they think that us responsible gun owners are going to sit back and take this? Get your friends together to start protesting this nonsense! And if you think having another Clinton in the White House is going to solve our problems, think again! Our gov’t already has infringed upon our rights as citizens to bave unalienable rights. Remember those? People take a minute to read the U,S. Constitution and see what we’re supposed to have as opposed to what we actually have! Our lawmakers don’t live in this real world of ours obviously or they would know that this type of legislation is unnecessary. If Hillary thinks this will land her on Pennsylvania avenue she should think again. Be careful how you vote in 2008.

11 Responses to “Have you heard this about HIllary?”

  1. Answerman Says:

    Oh gee, another repuglican lie, I think you are more loyal to the repuglican party then you are to America and maybe you should rethink your affiliation. In answer to your question, that is just not true.

  2. iwasnotanazipolka Says:

    You are lying. This is totally untrue and just a hint of the crap that is yet to come from the GOP. you offer no proof, show no evidence and we are supposed to listen and believe this garbage.

    Swiftboaters are on the prowl again.

  3. Rich A Says:

    Repealing the right to bear arms will NEVER pass in this country. I have issues with the NRA, and I wasn’t crazy about Charleton Heston before he died, but I do believe that this would be a serious infringement of our basic rights. I tell you one thing. If we are involved in a war here at home, you will best know I would be armed to the teeth. I am a Democrat and always will be. I don’t believe Mrs. Clinton would be involved in a movement like this. It would be political suicide. Where did you get your FACTS??

  4. power_d_69_1 Says:

    a link to the proposal would be good. no one has ever took away guns and never will. i have been able to own guns legally for years .

  5. jerrywv Says:

    If it comes to search and seizure, maybe we will all find what’s hiding in Hillary’s closet.

  6. maxhound Says:

    I don’t care what the two old bags do. It will not affect me. And I am not going to vote for the first old bag anyway.

  7. quatt47 Says:

    I can’t understand the US obsession and compulsion to ‘bear arms’ as you put it. America is the worlds most violent society in the civilised world with gun crime and murder top of the list. The removal of millions of weapons would make the country safer. OK the gangsters will still carry them but if it was made a felony to carry a gun and there were sufficient screening systems and the penalty for carrying one was a minimum of 10 years in a State Penitentiary then perhaps the number of crimes and deaths may come down. Obviously it would take time.

    As far as Hilary Clinton is concerned this story sounds like the typical US dirty tricks rumour mill working overtime. She should be voted on bearing in mind her total policies and how they help America rather than concentrating on one issue that you don’t agree with.

  8. imask8r Says:

    Lies, lies, and damned lies.

    Nothing like lies to smear a person’s character, eh?

    Who’s your source of information? Georgie Bush??????????

  9. yepperrrrrrr Says:

    Have not heard it but it doesn’t surprise me. Clinton, Chavez. What is the difference at this point? Maybe we should just start calling her Hugo Clinton or Hillary Chavez. It’s gonna be a long 2 years and I hope that is all. I would like to see her sulking for 4 years after the election.

  10. 51 Says:

    it would not surprise me. Those two will destroy america

  11. No Hillary Says:

    Quatt47 you’re an idiot. You say "the gangsters would still carry them" but it would illegal for me. Anti-gun laws ALWAYS hurt the law-abiding citizens and not the criminals.

    This thread seems hung up on stats so if you look at big city crime stats, you’ll see that most gun crime is black on black so if you’re going to pass equitable anti-gun laws maybe you should start with racial profiling, huh? Makes just as much sense as anything else said here.

    In countries where guns are banned, crime has skyrocketed because the crooks know no one will shoot them. Not in this country. I have a conceal and carry license and I’m packing proud.