help me understand pleeease, for 10 points?

The first quitrents fell due in 1670; but many of the settlers refused to pay rent, claiming to have received their lands from the Indians, the real owners, or basing their right to titles confirmed by Governor Nicolls of New York.

i dont get what fell due means?

quitrents means (rent paid by a freeman instead of the services required by feudal custom)

4 Responses to “help me understand pleeease, for 10 points?”

  1. SM Says:

    To fall due means that something needs to be paid – it could be rent or a bill or something like that.
    e.g. Your credit card bill falls due on the 10th of every month.

  2. embroidery fan Says:

    This means: The first settlers had to pay the rent on their land in 1670, but many refused, saying that they got the land from the Indians or from The Governor.

  3. Teegan Says:

    I think it means became due?

  4. kiim *<3 Says:

    fall due- something that needs to be paid.