helpppppppppppppp!!!! please!!anyone 10 pointss!!?

is it right for the indigenous people consider themselves as the first landowners of australia ?

why are indegenous ppl the land owners of australia?

thank you for anyone thats answers this :))

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  1.  ☥♡☮  Says:

    This is not a drawing question, you can delete and repost in Society & Culture category,

    indigenous peoples are the first people recognized as being on that soil / land mass part of planet,

    when European cultures explored the planet, what ever land mass was found , was presume new untouched lands, and therefore was owned by that country that landed there first,

    this was a flaw in understanding , that other humans already existed on those lands,
    so indigenous natives were actual owners of land, but they were and still are not recognized by Euro countries, a peoples or humans of authority in a sense

    if native indigenous humans were duped by advanced cultures, and signed ambiguous contracts, then those advanced cultures deem that as legitimate or legal ,

    but this has happen all over planet, over the centuries, the Haida Nation are example of culture that did not sign treaties of owner ship, so they still own or rule their territory island,

    more complex, is that all humans are related to each other, even Neanderthals now accepted,