Hey Conservatives: Why are the price of gas sooooooooooo high….. & ….. who r pushing to drill in the USA?

Percentage of foreign owned:

Petroleum and coal products manufacturing – 25%

Petroleum refineries (including integrated) – 25%

7 Responses to “Hey Conservatives: Why are the price of gas sooooooooooo high….. & ….. who r pushing to drill in the USA?”

  1. Cj Howiker Says:

    Gas prices are high because there isn’t enough regulation on the wall street speculators. increase in demand in emerging economies (exploding with growth), and has a little bit to do with mid east unrest. Inflation doesn’t drive gas prices. That is an absurd notion.

  2. sound_of_the_silenced3 Says:

    Because oil is priced in USD and the dollar has and is being devalued.

  3. Mike Says:

    Gas prices are high because of inflation and that’s from the Federal Reserve Bank printing too much money…

    Obama is selling off all the oil fields to Brazil while keeping the US oil companies stuck behind the door.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Why are gas prices to high: Because the Fed is inflating the Dollar

    Who is pushing to drill in the USA: Sane people

  5. Bub Says:

    A lot of oil companies have rights to areas in the U.S. already that are not being drilled. They buy up the rights for pennies and sit on them until they need them and then make millions. What will we do when all our domestic oil is gone? We will have absolutely no leverage and we will totally be at the mercy of foreign companies?

    Perhaps, keeping some reserves in the U.S. untapped is a smart move?

  6. Paul Ryan senior killer Says:

    Inflation is 2%. Even is inflation could drive up gas prices (which it doesn’t unless its hyper inflation) it wouldn’t be happening with our current low inflation.

  7. A Voice of Reason Says:

    The price of gas is at high levels because of refinery issues along the flooded Mississippi River. Oil prices are steady at the moment, but wholesale gas prices are not.