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Beginning in the late 19th century, many Jewish people immigrated to Palestine in the hope of eventually establishing a Jewish state. In 1948, Israel became an independent country. In the following years, Arab and Israeli armies fought several wars.

A major reason for this conflict was that Arab countries
A) feared Israeli urbanization would ruin their agriculture.
B) believed Israel was created on lands belonging to Palestinians.
C) believed Israel supported the Soviet Union in the Cold War.
D) were angered by the refusal of Israel to enter into trade agreements.
The burning of draft cards by those who objected to the Vietnam War is an example of civil disobedience because it was an action that
A) was protected by the U.S. Constitution.
B) was intended to draw the attention of the media.
C) violated a law that the protesters considered to be unjust.
D) expressed a point of view that was unpopular at the time.
Why was the formation of labor unions an effect of U.S. industrialization in the late 1800s?
A) Unions were needed to guarantee a steady supply of workers.
B) Union membership was required for employment in new industries.
C) Factory owners set up labor unions in order to control their large workforce.
D) Unions organized industrial workers to protest unsafe working conditions and long workdays.
Following World War II, France attempted to re-establish control over its colony, Indochina, which included Vietnam. Leaders of the Vietminh, a communist-supported independence movement in Vietnam, fought against France’s efforts to retake the colony. The United States viewed this conflict as part of the Cold War and aided France.
This U.S. action was based on which policy?
A) a policy of opposing colonialism
B) a policy of helping Japan rebuild its economy
C) policy of containing the spread of communism
D) a policy of participating in United Nations’ peacekeeping efforts
The Weimar Republic was established in Germany following World War I. An important factor leading to the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazi dictatorship that took Germany into World War II was
A) Germany’s resentment of U.S. involvement in European affairs.
B) the rise of independence movements in Germany’s overseas colonies
C) Germany’s failure to rebuild its armed forces following World War I
D) the economic burden of war reparations (payments) to Germany’s former enemies.
In exploring the relationship between governments and people, Thomas Hobbes argued that governments resulted from a social contract to maintain an orderly society. John Locke, another philosopher of the Enlightenment, inspired American revolutionaries by arguing that a new social contract could be instituted under what circumstance?
A) if a government failed to compel obedience
B) if a government violated people’s natural rights
C) if a government failed to protect people from economic inequali
D) if a government entered into alliances with foreign governments

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