hi.. just found out waste water from a septic tank is draining on my property and drain pipes are on my land?

are the owners of the poperty responsible for this? have always had moisture and water on my lower driveway.. was going to re-gravel my drivaway and regrade and make a little bit wider.. the pipes were in a embankment next to my drive way.. found them while using a bobcat.. the 2 adjoining properties used to be owned by the same person.. and my lot was vacant of course.. the previous owners evidently used part of my lot for the septic irrigation.. what are my rights? there is now city water and sewer at the street which i am on.. but i think the house next to me is only on city water and still using the septic tank … i am supposed to meet the owner of the lot who rents it out now, this coming week.. what are my rights? the person who sold me my lot is now dead.. and the owner of the adjoining lot is her daughter …
what i found are sewer leach pipes.. my propert sits downhill from the other property.. with a pond in the back.. i actually dug a basement into my lot.. and on the adjacent side property line on the embankment, runs my drive way.. this is where the waste water is running from on that hill..

5 Responses to “hi.. just found out waste water from a septic tank is draining on my property and drain pipes are on my land?”

  1. Tom M Says:

    I think your neighbor, or the property owner. Needs to take care of getting their sewer connected to city. Granted it use to be one property as you say. But if both lots are now private then they cannot continue draining on to your property. I say you need to talk with these people as to when they will get it taken care of.
    If they do not follow as agreed then you may need to talk with lawyer, or someone in city that can help you.

  2. Suze Says:

    Call the EPA.

  3. fr_chuck Says:

    Of course a septic does not have drain pipes that are not underground, so these may be other ground water or drains from a ditch somewhere else.

    If thier sewer is leaking and running open on your property this is a code vioation and you merely call the county inspector that is over septics.

    Just a septic line under the ground, would not cause the ground above it to be wet.

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