HISTORY plz help 10 points?

Question 1
Which of the following sentiment would most likely be expressed by a large plantation owner after the Civil War?
– My free labor will help my land reach its former glory.
-I am going to become richer now that the war is over.
-Without my slaves, I will have less profit.
-My former slaves will want to work for me because they can’t make much money building bridges or roads.

Question 2
The reconstruction of the South created
-work to rebuild infrastructure.
-new plantations.
-more southern land.
-more opportunities for free labor.

Question 3
__________ took charge of reconstructing the South after the Civil War.
-Northern reform groups
-Plantation owners
-State governments
-The federal government

Question 4
Which of the following was a form of labor that replaced free slave labor after the Civil War?
-tenant farming
-carpet bagging
-both a and b

Question 5
Which of the following was a piece of legislation passed by Congress to counteract the Black Codes but was vetoed by President Johnson.
-sharecropping laws
-Thirteenth Amendment
-a civil rights act
-Jim Crow laws

One Response to “HISTORY plz help 10 points?”

  1. Jazzy Says:

    1. Without my slaves, I will have less profit.
    2. don’t know for some reason ;(
    3. The federal government
    4. both a and b
    5. a civil rights act