home owners associations the new front on rights violations?

i have heard numerous things all over the country about home owners associations (hoa’s).

i have even heard they can seize your house for various reasons.

in my area you are not allowed to paint you house any color without approval and you are not allowed to have an unattached building on your own property.

some places i have seen do not allow certain types of cars.

the rules go on and on, from how high your grass, to the type of mail box, to even what dog you can own in your own house.

do you all feel this is right? my feeling is the hoa started out as a good thing that has turned into a power trip in the effort to control what others do.

they say its to protect "property values" but to me, unless it is a safety situation, nothing, even money, should trump property rights.

to me hoa’s are slowly but ever more encroaching on property rights, they say don’t mave there then, but so much land has been bought up for development, it is about impossible now.
there is getting fewer and fewer options on where to live that is not in an hoa. i have no problem where i am at, but they changed the rules after i bought the house.

i just think property rights is one of the fundemental great things about america, and it seems some bozos are trying to take that away from us, little at a time.

whats next, telling you what you are allowed to watch in your house? no "R" rated movies before 10pm?

10 Responses to “home owners associations the new front on rights violations?”

  1. Karma Says:

    Always, always ask the realtor about the PoA (they’re called Property Owners Association here) before you make an offer on a property. They usually have a booklet containing all the rules that you can keep and read over first.

    Have you ever driven through a neighborhood in or near the city and seen those yards with grass knee high that’s hiding all kinds of junk, like old cars, parts, and the kitchen sink in the front of a run down house that looks like it’s falling apart? Who wants to live next to them? That’s why I like having a PoA. People can be selfish and think what’s best for themselves instead of what’s best for the property, and without consideration for anyone else. We have to live near you too, and I don’t want to see people’s junk or not get my full asking price when I sell because you have a beekeeping hobby in your close backyard. PoA’s keep the neighborhood looking nice and livable.

    However, some PoA’s go overboard. I think when it comes to cars and dogs they should mind their own business. They should be looking at the house only. But, again, that’s why you read the manual first, so you don’t end up in an anal Nazi neighborhood.


    It’s called communism. You made the mistake of buying a home that fell under an HOA. Just sell your home and move to an unrestricted home.

  3. Nick F Says:

    you need to move somewhere that has a more Liberal view on home ownership

  4. politicallyincorrect Says:

    You are forgetting one thing, when one enters an association, you are given the rules to examine. If you don’t like the rules, don’t buy property there. I for one think many of their rules are ridiculous and its for that reason that I would never move to a neighborhood where I would be subject to those rules.


    Homeowners association are organized to regulate the residents in a community to comply with the housing laws. However, there are homeowner officials who abuse their authority and violate rights of the people. Irregularities must be checked by the government.

  6. nyclee418 Says:

    I live in a hoa community. My husband hates it. I love it. I love recieving letters that tell me my grass is wrong or something like that. I gre up poor unlike my husband and my neghborhood was ugly broken down and delapidated. So to me it is heaven on earth to live in such a beautiful place and yes bring on those letters as I am am glad to fix any infactions and want to live around others who abide by rules.

  7. dja1a Says:

    this is why i will never purchase a home in a neighborhood with guidelines like these. i own my house and i will do whatever i please, with respect to my neighbors.
    it doesnt matter if that subdivision is one of the nicest there is now, within some years there will be something bigger and better and that will end up being just a plain old neighborhood like any other.

  8. utahmike41 Says:

    Homo Associations are nothing but a bunch of power hungry Nazi’s. They have nothing better to do then make up ridiculous rules and take draconian measures to enforce them. My parents live in a gated community that has a homo association. The homo’s gets mad if you leave your car parked outside too long or leave the garage door open. My parents hate it and want to move. Even if it means taking a beating on the sale. My brother lives in a condo complex with a homo association. He gets nasty letters from them all the time. He just tells them to stick it. I have a home in a normal neighborhood. If I want to paint my house pink with purple polka dots I can do it. If I don’t feel like mowing the lawn even though the grass is 3 feet tall I don’t have to. Until an HOA starts paying a persons mortgage then they can go *&$% themselves.

  9. Wolfpacker Says:

    You can not name a rule that my HOA does not have.
    11 yrs in neighborhood & I try to fly under the radar now.
    I served 2-1/2 yrs on the board as vice president & finally quit because of our Nazi & radom rulings. The nuts in the neighborhoods either serve on the board or file 90% of the compliants.
    Homes can be sold for unpaid fines for too tall grass (we have a crazy woman who walks everyday with a ruler to check grass height), unapproved fence, paint your house without approval & the fine is $275 a day & more junk.
    We get fined for parking on the city street even though it is not illegal in the city. You have got to love & hate them.
    However, I have lived with & without HOA & my property value is sky rocketing with the HOA. People often do not always keep up their homes without a push.

  10. danielle p Says:

    Mine isnt too bad, it looks nice and they dont ever write us letters or anything . Its better than having 3 pickup trucks in the front yard and having polka music blared at all hours of the night