how are civil rights's for Ethiopian jews?

Ethiopian jews have existed since ancient biblical times so their is no point in arguing in "being jewish enough".

let’s say their is an Ethiopian jewish male who is a cardiologist.he has had all the ceremonies and studies and his parents and grand parents and so on are jewish.

can he marry a white jewish women?

can he have the same opportunities, bank loans, and land owner ship as white jews in israel?

this is a serious question so no haters and goofball allowed,please!

3 Responses to “how are civil rights's for Ethiopian jews?”

  1. Tiberia Says:

    Yes. I personally know an "interracial" Jewish couple in Israel. However, there is a small amount of racial discrimination – but nowhere near as much as in 1960’s America. In fact, they are treated much better in Israel than they were in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, they remained backwards, isolated and persecuted.

  2. Hoekom Jy My Haat Says:

    While they may still be discriminated against a bit in Israel, they are a lot better off, civil rights wise, now than they were in Ethiopia.

  3. eran Says:

    Yes Ethiopian has rights like any jew or other immigrates in israel.
    I’m living in israel and they have many opportunities to get success even if they come from a poor family they can always join the army and get more educated.

    I have a ethiopian friend in my class and we both learn computer science. they are really great.

    There is no difference between black and white not in israel