How beneficial is graduatng from the Petroleum Institute in AbuDhabi?

Im one of the few expats who got accepted at the Petroleum Institute. It has everything you need as a student, including a garanteed job at ADNOC at the end of the degree . Does anyone know if Ill be able to work abroad as a PI graduate?

5 Responses to “How beneficial is graduatng from the Petroleum Institute in AbuDhabi?”

  1. Afro-Asian K Says:

    I think you can,
    After gaining some experience in UAE feilds, they offer you to work in some European coutries, it’s not mandatory you can choose.

    Take the Engineering Seminar course and you will know anything about your future in ADNOC.

  2. ban all idiots Says:

    have no idea

  3. snake Says:

    well u will get in some where in middle east for sure coz adnoc is reputed brand
    and there is also chance of getting in few europe countries
    just believe in urself

  4. Amber G Says:

    Check if it an accredited institute or programs delivered are in partnership with accredited universities, or if any of their graduates is working in non-Adnoc establishment. One more thing, these UAE Gas companies are towards nationalization so they will hire UAE citizens first. But anyways who ever works hard earns it everywhere. Good Luck

  5. Unique !! Says:

    Well Its Very Good That You Got Accepted In The PI …But i Dont Know if You Will Be Able to Work Abroad ..But You Will Have a Job at ADNOC …=) Which is Very Good
    Good Luck ….
    Thanks For Asking